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William Branham's Apology

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William Branham's Apology:

William Branham often stressed his firm belief in his unorthodox teaching through what appeared to be a sincerely open door for opposing opinion. Often, he would use phrases like "SHOW ME ONE TIME," or "FIND IT AND I WILL APOLOGIZE." In regards to his prophecies, he claimed that he would wear a sign on his back that said, "False Prophet" and tour the streets if even one single aspect of a prophecy failed. He made similar statements with regards to his "discernment" (clairvoyance), Bible teaching, and more.

This is not a stance that his religious cult continues. In publications such as "Because He Said So" published by Voice of God Recordings, they appear to speak for all cult pastors when they say that errors are easily dismissed. The entire theme of the publication is presenting the idea that the scripture (allegedly) has errors, and therefore William Branham can have errors also.

But this was not a position that Branham himself boasted. William Branham knew that it would be difficult to gain a following should any of his prophetic errors or his unscriptural teaching be exposed. So to ward off exposure, he pretended to challenge the opposition.

We pointed out last year that William Branham was unapologetic when mistakes occurred in his "discernment." When corrected by a woman during a "healing line," Branham did not honor his word to apologize to the masses. A video of this example can be found here:

In his "Church Age Book" under the "Laodicean Church Age" section, Branham makes the claim that God never ordained a woman to be in a position of authority over a man. In this statement, Branham challenged the opposition that if they could find any place in the Bible, he would "apologize for what [he has] said."

According to Branham's teaching, the female human was responsible for everything. He claimed that she was "designed by Satan," "designed to deceive," the cause of the Fall, responsible for most automobile accidents, and ultimately would be responsible for the end of mankind by electing the wrong President of the United States. Cult pastors attempt to place sugar coating on his words by claiming that these teachings were only describing "ungodly women," however a close examination of all of his statements reveal an encompassing doctrine of chauvinism.

While we can be sure that William Branham did not apologize for his statement in his "Church Age Book," we can also be sure that many of his followers are not familiar with the story of Deborah. Programmed to recite William Branham's words over Scripture, this is a long forgotten story to the between two and four million followers of the cult of William Branham.

Judges 4 tells the story of how Deborah, a female judge of Israel, brought the people back into favor with the Lord. After the death of Ehud, Israel fell back into idolatry, earning a twenty-year punishment under the hand of the Canaanite king Jabin. When the Israelites began to cry out unto God for repentance, Deborah rose up to lead God's people. And under Jewish custom, a "Judge" was a non-hereditary leader of the people -- as opposed to the Levitical priesthood which was passed down through the tribe of Levi.

Judges 5 is a song dedicated to both Deborah and Barak, one that would have been recited on the Sabbaths as Israel sang songs of praise. Similar in nature to the "Song of Moses," this was a song of honor, dedication, and praise to the leadership that God had appointed to deliver Israel from the error of their sinful ways.

I often wonder when examining the idolatrous worship of a man that dominates the services in the religious cults, what if a Deborah would arise? Especially the Pentecostal-style cults that teach so strongly against women in positions of authority -- what would happen?

If a Deborah would rise up today in the doomsday cult of William Branham, pointing the people to the One True God, would she be accepted? If she overturned the money tables of the cult's headquarters and reminded the people that it is God they serve, not man, would she even be allowed to return to service the following Sunday? Simply because she has a different set of reproductive organs, would they condemn her and walk away? Would they ignore what God had sent to believe what William Branham falsely taught?

This cult needs more Deborahs and less Jabins.