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Joseph Branham, Kenneth Hagan, and Tommy Osborn

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Joseph Branham, Kenneth Hagan, and Tommy Osborn:

What do Joseph Branham, Kenneth Hagan, and Tommy Osborn all have in common? They're "ordinary people." Not just in stature, but also legally through a joint corporation they created in the commonwealth of Kentucky that they named "Ordinary People International, Inc"

The Branhams, Larry Ervin, Floyd Patterson, Fred Sothmann, T. L. Osborn, and Kenneth Hagan create a joint organization to broadcast the ministries of WBEA, VOGR, Spoken Word, Osborn Ministries, Kenneth Hagan Ministries, Larry Erwin Ministries, and local, state, national, and international news.

While the cult followers of William Branham are trained to believe that William Branham's "Message" is the only "eagle food" sent to a lost and dying world, the Branham's believe otherwise. While people in the message condemn the ministries of other evangelists such as Kenneth Hagan, the Branham believe in broadcasting their messages to this lost and dying world.

Most interesting about the multiple ministries banding together are the names of the televangelists. T. L. Osborne is often quoted in defense of William Branham's ministry. Though Osborne does not seem to agree with Branham on either lifestyle or theology, his supportive statements are used to "vindicate" Branham's ministry. But when you learn that these men were joined financially to the Branham family, it opens the door to several questions. How much of his support was financially motivated? Were they paid for their statements on "God's Generals?" If not, how much can we attribute to helping grow each others ministries?

Even more curious? Two companies were created on the same day, by the same men. One "National", and one "International"

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