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William Branham Secretly Performing Remarriages After Divorce

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William Branham Secretly Performing Remarriages After Divorce:

Since our post yesterday regarding the government records of the many times William Branham officiated the remarriage of his brothers -- several times during their lives, we have received questions and much feedback, both good and bad. Those defending William Branham in their comments ask some very valid questions that must be addressed.

What if William Branham changed his position on remarriage after divorce? What if during the early years of his ministry Branham had no personal convictions regarding officiating the weddings of divorced men? What if the standards were different for the Branham family, since he was a "prophet god?" What if he didn't learn this "mystery" until 1965?

Thankfully, one of the ministers who is now enjoying freedom in Christ after having fled the religious cult of William Branham has reminded us of the cult doctrine: "SAY WHAT THE TAPES SAY!" He sent us this quote for those who are now understanding that the stage persona William Branham chose did not fully match the real person:

"I've married many couples, but it always reminds me of Christ and His Bride. One of the weddings that I performed here, some time ago, it--it was quite an outstanding thing in my life. It's been several years ago, when I was just a young minister. My brother was working on the--the P.W.A. I don't know whether anybody ever remembers that, yet, or not, anybody as old as me. And that was a--a project that the government had. And my brother worked up, about thirty miles. They were digging out some lakes, a project for the conservation. And there was a boy worked up there, with him, from Indianapolis, about, oh, about a hundred miles above Jeffersonville where I--I live, or lived. And there was a... He said to my brother, one day. He said, "Doc," he said, "I--I want... I'm going to get married, if I just had enough money to pay the preacher." He said, "I--I got enough money to get my license, but," said, "I haven't got enough money to pay the preacher." Doc said, "Well, my brother is a preacher, and--and he--he may marry you." He said, "He never charges people for things like that." He said, "Will you ask him if he'll marry me?" Well, that night my brother asked me. I said, "If he's never been married before, either one of them, and their everything is all right."
- Branham, 65-0429E - The Choosing Of A Bride

In this quote, you can see that Branham is telling one of his brothers that he cannot officiate the wedding of a man who has been married before. But notice, his brother was working for the P.W.A. at the time. The Public Works Administration lasted from 1933 to 1943. Yet one of Branham's brothers, Henry Branham, was divorced in 1945 and remarried in 1946!

So for those of you that are suffering with cognitive dissonance as you try to reconcile issues which have no reconciliation, you will need to ask yourself two more questions:

Could a prophet of God come with a "Message" with rules that can be "bent?" And if so, which other rules can be bent?

No matter what it is, if a man is not as good as his word, I don't want to... You can't trust him, because he's not no good. See? There's one thing that a person must always be: that's honest. Be... Tell things so that--that you can go back and tell it a million times, and it'll be the same thing. You see? Just be honest. No matter if it's bad, or whether it's good; be honest. And if it's against you, say it anyhow; or keep still; don't say it at all. See?"
-Branham, 56-0101