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One Last Question

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One Last Question:

The questions about the Branham Tabernacle split are starting to die down, and it seems that most people are now going directly to the frequently asked questions on the blog pages according to their page views. I believe all contact us submissions, emails and instant messages have also been answered, with the exception of this one, which came in without a return email address:


Who is the pastor at Branham Tabernacle since our current pastor Bro Collins has resigned? I wasn't there for the voting so I'm not sure why everyone has resigned. Were reasons for resignation given that your aware of at this time. I have questions concerning the ministry now since all these deed records etc have came to light. VOGR has not made any statements to prove these things on your website are not accurate. Please advise. God Bless You


We understand that Joseph Branham is taking a temporary position at the Branham Tabernacle until voting later this year. But not many are familiar with the "voting" process at the tabernacle or how that it functions. Unlike most other churches who have an election of nominees for new pastors, the Branham Tabernacle appoints new people to office. Then, the patrons of Tabernacle are asked to vote on whether or not to keep the person that is already in the position. I cannot recall any instances of the person selected being voted out.

And no. Voice of God Recordings is very selective in which questions they answer. The best attempt at answering any difficult questions was found in the publication "Because He Said So" (no longer on their website) in which their only answer was that because the Bible [allegedly] has error, William Branham must have error too.