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Voice of God Recordings - Still Waters Resort Zoning Appeal

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Voice of God Recordings - Still Waters Resort Zoning Appeal:

In 2009, Scott county residents held an unusually long meeting as Voice of God Recordings tried to convince the townspeople that their private resort would be nothing more than a few children camping and hiking. Because so many opposed the cult headquarters "setting up camp" in their area, locals were asked to voice their opinion in response to the zoning request.

Representatives for Voice of God Recordings assured the people that it would be a very small operation, with a small pole barn and small chapel. At most, 50 to 75 children would be camping three to five times a year.

Yet when you view the ongoing construction at Still Waters Camp, one can easily see much more than a small pole barn and small chapel being erected. Many photos are taken of bulldozers, dump trucks, and other heavy machinery completely reconstructing the land as lift trucks hoist workers to the top of massive buildings that can hold a considerable crowd.

Prior to the construction, one can view the photos of the camp's activities, from go-cart tracks to teaching children to handle weapons, all outside of the scope of the appeal made to the people of Scott County.

Can you imagine how the board of appeals would have responded had Voice of God Recordings been truthful? What if instead of "a small pole barn," the representatives from the cult headquarters had responded, "We're going to bring in earth movers and completely re-architect the grounds to build a massive resort for children of a doomsday cult of between two to four million people!"

Instead of telling the concerned townspeople that the children would be "hiking, fishing, swimming and boating," what if the representatives would have said, "We're going to train children to be skilled in long-distance rifles! And the winner of the games will get to shoot a cult leader's very own personal rifle!"

Is this 50-75 children? Still waters resort photo

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