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William Branham's Birthdate Issue

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William Branham's Birthdate Issue:

We are receiving questions concerning the different and conflicting birthdates one finds when examining William Branham's ministry. Voice of God Recordings lists his birthdate as "April 6, 1909," which matches William Branham's testimony about the year of planetary alignment used for one of his many "commissions." Also, one might find the year 1907, when Branham was claiming to be the Elijah successor to cult leader John Alexander Dowie's "Elisha."

Today, a researcher came across this issue and asked that we explain why multiple birthdates are found. But in the contact us submission, they did not include a reply-to email. This post is specifically intended for this researcher:

From examining the United States Census reports and the early part of Branham's Ministry, it would appear that the correct birthdate is April 8, 1908. This date Branham signs in his own handwriting in the marriage certificate for Hope Brumback. The census reports will be posted soon, but are difficult to understand. The person collecting the census could not understand the thick Kentucky accent, and wrote the family's names as "Charlie, Ellie, Willie, and Winford Brainon," which matches our Charles, Ella, William, and Winford (who Branham called "Humpy") Branham.

We have uploaded the marriage certificates of both Hope and Meda to the "government documents" page of Seek The Truth:

For a complete study of Branham's early life:

The 1910 Census Report can be found on the timeline here:

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