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Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 5

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Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 5:

We posted this list of questions earlier this week, but pulled it back off to re-examine one of our answers. Reposting it for those who were asking.

Why is Billy Paul Branham signing official government documents as "William Paul Branham?" Is this legal?

We are not experts in criminal law. Nor do we have a copy of Billy Paul's birth certificate to verify the name. At this point, we assume that his full legal name is William Paul Branham. According to a letter written by Branham's daughter Sarah (which was verified by Junior Jackson) seems, however, to place question on his use of "William Branham" when referring to the William Branham Evangelistic Association:

"Only God knows all the facts, but after I saw the document dated the 26th day of October, 1965, I began to wonder even more. Just imagine while my father was still alive, my brother appeared before a Notary Public as William Branham transferring the William Branham Evangelistic Association into another corporation. The document is in my possession. He signed it as William Branham Jr. It was registered on Nov. 4, 1965 at 3:45 p.m. with the "Arizona Corporation Commission." -- Sarah Branham

Here is Jackson's Response:

Is the William Branham Evangelistic Association of Jeffersonville still in business? If so, what do they do that Voice of God Recordings does not?

We can find no records of activity for the Jeffersonville business. The business entity was created with the same address as the church, under EIN# 8606056318 in 1966 as a 501(c)(3) public charity. No financial records appear to be published. We have no information concerning its activities.

Was Voice of God Recordings involved with the Securities and Exchange Commission suit against Isasc Ovid, Aaron Riddle, J. Jonathan Coleman, Stephen Cina, Cory Martin, Timothy Smith, Robert Riddle, Jadis Capital Inc, Jadis Investments LLC, and Logos Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund?

Not to our knowledge, however it would be interesting to see if any money from the ponzi scheme was donated to Voice of God Recordings as we see with the docket for the criminal case against Wayne Evans and his wife.

It is said that the church was built by poor people, owned by the poor people, and operated through vote of the people. How can it now be in control of the Branham family?

It was built by the poor and operated by the poor. But the evidence suggests (in our opinion) that not all financial decisions were performed by public vote.

Why does the church not even have a few hundred dollars to help the poor, when thousands of dollars are collected each week?

We are not aware of the Branham Tabernacle publishing a complete listing of expenses like other churches do. We can only make assumptions as to where the money goes, which is not helpful.

The Internal Revenue Service filed a tax evasion lawsuit against William Branham in 1956, Do you know the result of that suit, or if he ever paid the money back?

This question is best addressed in the book "Legend of the Fall" by Peter Duyzer. Any information we currently have on William Branham's tax evasion investigation is second or third hand information. Further investigation is required.

Wouldn't the government have seized the property on Ewing Lane during or after the tax evasion suit?

That depends entirely upon the ownership of the property, and how separated Branham's business was from his personal finances. For instance, if the property was in Meda's name, and the business was incorporated, the Ewing lane property would be untouchable.

How can the church give away multiple properties, which aren't used for parsonages, to VOGR?

We are not experts in title law, but this appears (in our opinion) to be self-entitlement.

How much money did William Branham have when he died, and was any of that money in the vault?

According to the letter by Sarah Branham, William Branham had at least three million dollars at the time of his death. According to US Inflation Calculator, this is the equivalent to $22,728,952.38 in today's currency. We do not believe this much money is in any "vault," especially when we see foundations such as Jehovah Jireh established for the purpose of moving money out of Voice of God Recordings and then "funding" Voice of God Recordings.

William Branham taught against education. Joseph Branham seems to continue this teaching. Why, then, do they surround themselves by educated men -- especially lawyers -- who by and large help run their operations as a business? Wouldn't they want to use attorneys who are in the message instead of catholics or atheists?

We cannot speak towards William Branham's or Joseph Branham's intentions. All we can say is what we see. They appear (in our opinion) to favor using accountants and attorneys who have no connections to the religion. Why do they not use message lawyers or message accountants?

Why has it taken so long for my pastor and these other message leaders to notice the many issues? Are they being honest with me?

This is a question we can't answer for you, and you will have to work through by yourself. I personally am at a place where I cannot trust a single person who has promoted this message and remains in it after learning of the issues — we trusted them to study it, confirm it, compare it to Scripture, and gave them decades of time and millions of dollars to do so. If so many of us can unravel this cult in less than six months, it would appear that we were paying for something besides their involvement with religion. has asked this question long ago: Are message ministers credible?

What was the situation behind the Sheriff's Deed in the documents you have on the website?

A Sheriff's Deed is likely the result of a court order that was declared based on a foreclosure. This appears to be a personal issue, one that is not relevant to the overall investigation. But there are two important questions we have to ask:

The funds appear to have been given to the sheriff, in the sum of $99,000.00. And the tax statements went to Billy Paul's "parsonage" on Beechwood Ave. Were any of these funds collected from the Branham Tabernacle? If so, were they given back to the people who donated the funds? Who owns the property?

The deed for lot 15 was very specific as to the size and proportions of the land taken away from the people of the church and given to Voice of God Recordings. In Joseph Branham's testimony, he claimed that it was a "mistake," and that he was unaware that it included a large part of the Branham Tabernacle. Did he think that the people are fools?

We cannot speak towards the thoughts of Joseph Branham, but our opinion, neither of the two men involved with this transaction were aware that the people would ever find out. And it appears to have been planned several years ago when you view the deeds from the 1980s going to the Arizona corporation.

Why was the property immediately resized after the transfer away from the church?

We have no information as to the reasons for this resizing. Nor were the people aware it was happening, from my understanding.

Voice of God Recordings are now promoting defense of Brother Branham through websites like Why is it that they never answer the most important question? Why is it that not a single prophesy that William Branham gave was ever uttered before it came to pass?

William Branham claimed to have written seven (or eight, or nine or more) prophecies down on paper in 1932 (or 1933) and kept these prophecies in multiple locations, one of which in the cornerstone of the tabernacle itself in 1933. It would appear that they either never existed or Voice of God Recordings (in my opinion) refuses to show them. Otherwise, a copy would be on the "documents" page of their website.

Why does Voice of God Recordings have so many security guards on their properties, and are these men armed with firearms?

Good question. We personally know people who were escorted off the grounds. One person claimed to see the handle of a firearm, but we cannot confirm this.

I'm told that Brother Joseph has a "secret entrance" to his office, and that the people in Voice of God Recordings does not see when he arrives or when he leaves. Why does he do this?

We have heard similar testimony from multiple people that either work or have worked inside Voice of God Recordings, but we can neither confirm or deny. Nor can we speak towards Joseph Branham's intentions.

Our church preaches against sports, and I see that Voice of God Recordings has purchased a "fieldhouse" and equipment for it. What is this? Is this a sports facility?

Yes. If you do a google search for "Nolan Fieldhouse," you will see several pictures of men and children wearing shorts and playing basketball.

Is Still Waters Camp being funded by the Branham Tabernacle?

We don't have a breakdown of expenses from the Branham Tabernacle collections, and no information for the income or expenses is published online.

We trusted this family for the better part of our lives, and sent in thousands of dollars of offering. Can we trust that our offering is used for leading lost souls to Christ?

We cannot speak towards the intentions of the Branham family. All we can say is that we see millions of dollars being spent on gymnasiums, recreational facilities, and more. What we don't see is a large transaction for Bibles to give to the converts.

My parents donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to a cult pastor over the last several years, and that money could have been my inheritance. Yet, I am suspecting that it is going to Voice of God Recordings without my knowledge. After looking through the government records, I am starting to think it was not being used for the right purposes. I want to contact the authorities and see if I can get some of it back. Who do I contact?

The website has links for those who suspect wrongdoing or tax fraud. If you feel that your cult pastor mishandling contributions, we recommend contacting them. If there is no foul play, then your pastor should have nothing to fear, and will be more than happy to work with the authorities.

Has anyone contacted the IRS about the Branham Tabernacle, Voice of God Recordings, or William Branham Evangelistic Association?

We are not yet ready to answer this question. But if you ask a few people who experienced the pain of the church split only to learn that church property supported by the people was being [allegedly] given away, I'm sure you will find the answer without our having to answer it. ;)