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Several Cult Churches Challenge Voice Of God Recordings In Court

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Several Cult Churches Challenge Voice Of God Recordings In Court:

In the United States, many are aware of the reason behind the "Here I Stand" publication with the stern face of a very angry looking Joseph Branham. But overseas where the Message is growing very quickly in developing nations or in languages where the number of translated sermons are limited, they have no idea. If one were to tell them that the cult churches in the United States were recovering from battles fought in the US court system, they would simply think you were lying.

But in 2001, Voice of God Recordings attempted to trademark "The Message." Then, in December of 2001, in an attempt to prevent other missionary church leaders from making profit through Branham's recorded sermons, they sent a letter to cease and desist. Anyone trying to spread the "Message" through the production and distribution of books, tapes etc were forbidden. Unless, of course, they were to start paying royalties to Voice of God Recordings -- who had just filed for the trademark. Voice of God Recordings claimed that these missionaries were "pirating" the "spoken word of God" and that they had no legal rights to do so. Violators were forbidden to sell, reproduce, or distribute the recorded messages of William Branham in any format in the US, Canada, or any foreign nation, and also forbidden to translate and/or print any of William Branham’s material. A copy of that letter can be found here:

So in 2003, several cult churches joined together to oppose Voice of God Recordings. "They claim this is the 'Word of God'," some pastors said. "How can any man trademark the 'Word of God!'"

Bible Believers, Donny Reagan, Tim Pruitt, Barry Coffey, Paul LaFontaine, Pearry Green, Lonnie Jenkins, and Dan Daisley all filed papers in the court system to oppose Voice of God Recordings. All parties came to an unknown settlement or agreement, and the application for trademark was withdrawn in 2004.