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The New Government Records Page

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The New Government Records Page:

The response to yesterday's post has been almost overwhelming. It has been the number one most visited page by all of the traffic coming into from around the world. Well over a hundred cities worldwide have seen it in less than 24 hours, and it appears that people are navigating into the other research pages after they have read through some of the government documents. We haven't seen this much traffic since the WHAS11 newscast of 2012. Thankfully, we upgraded our servers this year, and the website itself seems to be handling the load.

I'd hoped to respond publicly to some of the questions asked after the documents went live, but it is not looking hopeful that we will have time to compile the list today. Please be patient as we try to both keep up with responding to you through email or phone and also continue this research. These documents are just skimming the surface, the extent is still unknown.

But there is one question that we will answer now. "How can I find these government records?"

To make this easier, we've also added the link to the home page and the "research" page. And for those of you that need a guided tour, this video should help: