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Branham Tabernacle: The Official Government Documents

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Billy Paul Branham Signs Away Ewing Lane From The Branham Tabernacle

The pastor, music minister, and entire staff of deacons resigned from the Branham Tabernacle. They [allegedly] claimed misuse of funds as a reason for resignation. Was it? Did this misuse of funds start recently, or do we see a trail of deception?

The recent church split involved Lot 15, next to the corner of 8th and Penn Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana -- otherwise known as the second Branham Tabernacle parking lot. In a recent "testimony," Joseph Branham claimed that a lawyer made a "mistake" several years ago, and he suddenly gained ownership of a large portion of the Branham Tabernacle. Did a lawyer make a mistake? Did anybody contact the lawyer to correct the "mistake?"

... or was this a distraction, so that the members of the Branham Tabernacle were unaware that other properties owned by the people were being given away without their knowledge?

In my trip to the courthouse today, I stumbled across an interesting piece of information that I did not have. August 19th, 2015 (less than one month ago and around the time that the issue with Lot 15 was growing to its climax), Billy Paul Branham signed away a large portion of land on Ewing Lane, near the property used as a "parsonage" for Joseph Branham and used tax-free under property class 685 (exempt for religious purposes). Signing under titles "Sec. + Treas.", Billy Paul granted this property owned by the Branham Tabernacle to Voice of God Recordings for the grand sum of "no economic consideration."

To my knowledge, no vote of consensus was taken among the patrons (or customers, in my opinion) of the Branham Tabernacle. To my knowledge, the elders of the church were also unaware of this transfer. To my knowledge, the elders of the church were completely unaware that the tabernacle owned the property on Ewing Lane.

We are compiling a list of the government documents, along with supplemental documents that tell a story. Does it tell a story of a man who created a religion? Does it tell the story of a man who created a business? Does it tell the story of a man who was honest with the people?

Or does it tell the story of William Branham and his children, who (in my opinion) are in the business of selling income-tax-free products and services.

You may browse the list of records here. Check back often! More to come!