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William Branham and Woman Preachers

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William Branham and Woman Preachers:

When Kristi Gibson started writing articles and recording videos for Seek The Truth, you can imagine the outcry from a doomsday cult who spoke bitter condemnation to "woman preachers." Associating her simple daily bible study for "preaching," we started receiving comments that she was out of her place. Like William Branham, they felt that her place was to be barefoot, pregnant, and chained to a stove.

"When a woman gets from behind the table in the kitchen, in the house, taking care of her own little ministry God give her, her babies, she's out of the will of God. Put her in a pulpit, she's out of the will of God. There's no Scripture for a woman preacher. I want some man to stand and tell me that, look me in the face. There's no such a thing. That, Pentecost is the grassroots of that stuff. Never was! Adam was first formed, and then Eve. Adam was not deceived. But, yet, you do it. And you see where you got yourself? Way out here on a limb, that, you can't come back on now. But there you go. That's it. That's the world. That's what you want. That's what you want. That's what you got. See?"
- Branham, 63-0412M - The World Is Falling Apart

In Branham's mind, the world was truly falling apart when a woman of any calibre started to advance in society. Often preaching against women involved with even the most simple freedoms, Branham viewed the female gender as a much lesser half of the human race. Permitting men to beat their women with 2x4 lumber and rebuking the idea of women drivers, Branham made it very clear that women should stay in the kitchen and do nothing else.

I said, "They oughtn't never let a woman behind a wheel." Boy, if I was there, she wouldn't do it, if I had anything to say about it.
63-0412M - The World Is Falling Apart
Rev. William Marrion Branham

Now, you can take some of these little two-by-fours if you want to, but that's what God said. That's what Christ said. Now, that's the truth. Oh, God be merciful. What must the great Holy Spirit think when He comes before the Father? You say, "Why you picking on us women?" All right, men, here you are. Any man that'll let his wife smoke cigarettes and wear them kind of clothes, shows what he's made out of. He's not very much of a man. That's exactly right. True. He don't love her or he'd take a board and blister her with it.
58-0324 HEAR.YE.HIM

But there was and is a great deal of irony in watching Kristi's articles stir up the male half of William Branham's religious cult. For several months, her articles were read without knowledge that it came from a "woman who should be in a kitchen ministry." And her knowledge of scripture was far greater than many of the male half of the cult -- to the extent that some cult members would correct their own with concerns to scripture while disagreeing with the overall subject matter of the post. When many of those same men learned that Kristi was writing, the outcry was, "the Bible says a woman should not teach!"

I myself quickly replied to that statement. Had these men been as much of a study of Scripture as they were studies of William Branham, there would have been nothing for them to have learned from such a simple, even elementary Bible study. The Bible does permit a woman to teach the young, and the level of her study was often the same level that my own children receive in their Sunday School lessons. Because William Branham's ministry did not promote such elementary basics of scripture, Kristi was in fact teaching the older men in the Branham cult -- their knowledge had not advanced past my children's own achievement. So therefore, I agreed with them! Kristi was teaching them! But only because they were not studies of Scripture themselves. In fact, as fruits of William Branham's ministry, it is obvious that Branham himself created "women teachers" -- simply because he did not teach his own!

But the irony does not fully lie in the less than elementary level understanding of Scripture. The irony lies within Branham's own ministry. Branham was associated with several women preachers in the early days of his ministry. From Anna Schrader to the Jeffersonville Reverend Berniece R. Hicks, Branham surrounded himself with women who ministered to the crowds and claimed a gift of prophecy.