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The 1936 Deed vs. William Branham's Life Story

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The 1936 Deed vs. William Branham's Life Story:

For those of you asking about the 1936 deed, there is one quote that is critical. One person in the Message was asking about it last night, and I tried to find this quote but without succeeding. As you are aware, the 1936 Deed describes Branham's church as the "Billie Branham Pentecostal Tabernacle," which is critical in understanding the huge underlying problem. Compare this name to Branham's statement:

The 1937 flood come up. Sorrows begin to break in. Things went wrong at the church. My congregation begin to drop. Just get out of the harmony with God one time. And friends, I'll always regret it as long as I live. Right then, my church thought I was a fanatic. They still do. Not my church body at Jeffersonville, no, no, I mean the BAPTIST CHURCH that I belonged to.
Branham 53-1108A - Life Story