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Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 4

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Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 4:

Thank you all for your patience with any delay in response. We do respond to every email with the exception of those wishing to start a private debate. So if your email has not been answered, please do not think we are ignoring your questions. Also, do not feel that your question was not important to us if your question does not make the list – we are not ready to answer some questions in public. Some of these may be repeated from earlier questions, as they are slightly more or better-explained information included in the response:

You mentioned the "1933 commission" in one of your statements. Are you referring to Branham's baptismal service in 1933 on the Ohio River? And if so, does the 1936 deed to the Branham Tabernacle affect this in any way?

Yes, I was referring to the 1933 Baptism. I do not recall any statements made by William Branham binding this event to his alleged 1933 tabernacle with a 1936 deed.

In a broad sense, however, these were all linked together. Branham seemed to have placed a great deal of significance on the year 1933.

Why do you say that the 1933 Baptism is in question? Wasn't this event published in newspapers in multiple countries?

There are multiple problems with his 1933 baptismal claim, the biggest of which is the claim to newspaper publications. Branham claimed that as the 17th person was baptized, God spoke from the heavens, and newspaper reporters published articles describing the "Mystic Light over a Baptist Minister." At the time he made these claims, Branham had no idea that an "internet" would allow people to search old newspapers from their recliner on a hand-held computer. Now, any person can review the historical publication of practically any newspaper in the United States on sites like His description of the article being "packed plumb up into Canada" would imply that the Associated Press had picked up the story, and it is very evident that this is not the case. Regardless, even the local newspaper ran a very small article describing 14 persons being baptized.

Here are the main issues:
• Branham was not a "Baptist Minister." He was associate pastor of a Pentecostal church that taught sermons about Pentecostalism according to their newspaper advertisements
• The Associated Press did not mention such event
• The local newspapers have a completely different account
• Branham's descriptions of the event have internal conflicts, such as the number of people watching from the shore.
• The story sounds strangely familiar to cult leader William Sowders of Shepherdsville KY.

For more information, you may visite the following:

Isn't it illegal for Voice of God Recordings to publish information that is not true?

In our opinion, it should be illegal and subject to criminal punishment. If their online store were "Amazon," it would fall under the category of "false advertisement." But under the name of religion, however, the US Government has no authority to intervene in fictional stories. One can worship the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" if they want to

I read a sermon where Brother Branham mentions buying a new car in 1933. Why does he mention having only a dollar to buy a church?

In the book, "Legend of the Fall," you can find several of William Branham's poverty claims examined. When one realizes that Branham lived a very comfortable lifestyle compared to other people in the town, it places many of his claims into question.

Who did William Branham buy the church from?

According to the deed, the Tabernacle was purchased from a widower by the name of William T. Ingram. But the deed itself is conveyed and warranted to the people, through three trustees: E. A. Seward, George DeArk, and Frank Weber. These were the trustees of the Billie branham Pentecostal Tabernacle in 1936, according to this document.

Why does Brother Branham say that he preached in a "Missionary Baptist Church?" Was he referring to Roy E. Davis' church?

We cannot say why Branham was untruthful, only what we see. Davis' church was well advertised in Jeffersonville, and never advertised or named "Missionary Baptist." You can review some of the listings here:

Davis himself says that he introduced Branham into the Pentecostal assembly:

Branham's statement:

The 1937 flood come up. Sorrows begin to break in. Things went wrong at the church. My congregation begin to drop. Just get out of the harmony with God one time. And friends, I'll always regret it as long as I live. Right then, my church thought I was a fanatic. They still do. Not my church body at Jeffersonville, no, no, I mean the BAPTIST CHURCH that I belonged to.
Branham, 53-1108A - Life Story

Why did Brother Branham and Roy E. Davis separate?

We cannot speak to the opinions of Branham or Davis, only the facts. There was a fire at Davis' publication company, and after the fire he decided to leave for Texas. There is evidence, including a senate testimony, that suggests that Davis was involved with the Ku Klux Klan, which was very active in Southern Indiana. Davis' House of Representatives testimony can be found here:

Was this whole "Message" created as a business to begin with? Or was it really a new religion?

We cannot speak towards Branham's intentions. We can only examine the facts. Facts suggest that it was initially started as a business, owned and operated as a business, and has produced an estimated billions of dollars during the course of the last several decades. When one examines Gordon Lindsay and Jack Moore's lifestyles versus promotion of Branham's campaigns, it is evident that they were not fully believers of Branham's ascetic message.

Why does Voice of God Recordings operate their printing presses in Jeffersonville? Isn't it cheaper to print the material overseas, and have it shipped locally rather than internationally?

We cannot speak to Voice of God Recordings' intentions. At first glance, it appears that a lot of money is wasted in operating as they do.

I have donated several thousands of dollars to Voice of God Recordings over the last several years. Will I be getting my money back?

I cannot speak on behalf of Voice of God Recordings as to their intentions, should a large number of people suddenly demand their money back. In my opinion, I cannot imagine them refunding even a single penny.

Will there be a class action lawsuit filed against Voice of God Recordings?

I will refrain from this question at the present time.

Has Voice of God Recordings contacted you to answer any of your questions?

No. The closest VOGR has came was a letter claiming that I had a personal issue with my grandfather.

Has Voice of God Recordings approached the former pastor of the Tabernacle to persuade him to come back to the Tabernacle? Is he not worried about his salvation?

Any information I have about a meeting between Joseph Branham and my grandfather is second-hand. I cannot speak as to Joseph Branham's concerns.

I was recently cut off from fellowship for asking a question about William Branham. Is this a common experience?

Yes. We are working with hundreds of people around the world, many of which share the same experience.

I thought Branham's prophecies were given to him in 1932. Why did you call them the "Prophecies of 1933?"

William Branham gave multiple dates for his "vision from God." One of them is 1932, but in most instances of his description of the vision, he claims that it was 1933.

Where are the prophecies now?

This question would imply that they actually exist. Branham claimed to have:

* buried them in the cornerstone
* kept them in the flyleaf of his bible
* kept them in a desk drawer
* kept them at home
* given them to Leo Mercier to "revise" so that they were "up to date"

Has anyone ever seen Brother Branham's list of prophecies that he wrote in the flyleaf of his Bible?

Not to my knowledge. If this list existed, we can assume that Voice of God Recordings would proudly display them with the other memorabilia.

Has anyone ever asked to see the "Prophecies of 1933?" What was the response?

Any response given is second-hand information. I am told by others that they have asked to see this list, but with varying responses. I recommend that you write into VOGR to get your own response, and then compare with the responses others will share with you. Whose response will be the best?

Why does Joseph Branham want ownership of the Branham Tabernacle?

We cannot speak to Joseph Branham's intentions. But this is our opinion: