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Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 2

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Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 2:

The past several days have been hectic. We apologize for those of you getting slow responses -- my phone has been ringing night and day with questions or comments about the Branham Tabernacle splitting up and statements made during the resignation of the pastor, song leader, and entire staff of deacons. It certainly makes for some short nights when so many of you are in different time zones.

After publishing the questions last week, it was immediately evident that many people are interested. It is the most active page on our website, and traffic has increased exponentially. There are a few common questions being asked, and we thought it helpful to publish answers to questions beyond the first set on our blog last week.

My pastor seems sincere. Do you think he is aware of the failed prophecies and the 1936 date on the Branham Tabernacle?

In our opinion, there are certain men that have tried to answer these questions for years. But we cannot speak for them. We hope, like you, that they are simply misguided and will find Christ.

I am looking for examples of failed prophecies, but there is an overwhelming amount of information to wade through. Where do I start?

I recommend that you start with the prophecy that William Branham himself admitted to have failed. Shouldn't we "say what the tapes say?" :)

The Prophecy:

Mark my word; write it in the pages of your
Bible, for it's THUS SAITH THE LORD,
"Remember, when we land in India, you're going
to hear of tens of thousands times thousands
being saved." The Holy Spirit has said it; I've
wrote it here in my Bible; it's wrote in tens of
thousands of Bibles right here, like the
resurrection of the little boy. By a vision that He
said, "There's three hundred thousand of them in
there." And you see if that isn't right. There's
how the Gospel's going to be preached just
overnight. She'll just sweep like that from place
to place.

Admitted Failure:

And when... I had been very much constrained to go
to--to India. And yet, as many of you might know, the
Indian trip wasn't the success that it should've been,
because I failed to follow the leading of the Holy
Spirit, and never recognized it after He give me a
vision to go to Africa first and then to India.
Branham, 57-0126B, India Trip Report

You can find more examples on our "Resources page"

But the best place to look for a summary of both failed and questionable prophecies is compiled on Believe The Sign's website:

I have heard mention that not all of William Branham's life story is true. Do you know which parts are true and which parts are false?

To date, the best examination of William Branham's life story can be found in the book "Legend of the Fall."

Are the family of William Branham breaking any laws by using parsonages and other tax-free benefits from the church?

At this time, we are refraining from discussing the legalities of what we see in court documents.

Are there other properties owned by the family of William Branham that are listed as parsonages?

We are still sorting through all of the land owned by the Branham family in multiple states throughout the US. It would be better to wait for all the facts to surface before making calculated guesses. Please wait for a more accurate response.

Will the church lose their tax exempt status?

We are not experts of the tax code, nor do we claim to be. In our opinion based on a limited understanding of tax law, there appear to be two rules broken that place the church in violation of the law.

Are there properties listed in other family members besides the two sons?

At this time, we want to refrain from response. There is nothing unusual with some of the properties we find listed.

Why would the sons of William Branham even care about lot 15? Isn't just a parking lot?

Hrmm. That is the question, isn't it. :) Makes one wonder what's under that pavement, doesn't it? Recently, a new building was constructed on that lot, so technically they own a parking lot and a building. But this was not the case when Billy Paul, Joseph Branham, and Roy Roberson deeded the parking lot away from the people of the Branham Tabernacle.

Shouldn't the church have been required to have voted on selling church property prior to deeding it away to an Arizona for-profit company?

We are not experts on tax law, nor do we claim to be. But our understanding of the law is that a vote by the trustees would have been required. Since the only official document we find at the courthouse states that Billy Paul, Joseph Branham, and Roy Roberson are the trustees, it would appear that the law was followed. In our opinion, it appears to be legal but unethical.

Joseph Branham claimed that a mistake was made by an attorney. Shouldn't the attorney be required to correct that mistake before the transfer of ownership is legal?

We are not experts on title law, nor do we claim to be. But it appears that something is a little fishy.

Am I correct in understanding that this transfer of ownership for lot 15 effectively splits the building in half?

We do not have the exact measurements. According to Joseph Branham's statement, a portion of the building was deeded to him, while the other portion was owned by the people.

Where can I find Joseph Branham's statements on the transfer of half the building?

What was in the "vault"?

Joseph Branham claims that the original master recordings were stored in the vault. There is some legitimate questions as to whether these were masters or copies of the masters, however there is very little reason to doubt what was stored in the vault.

Is it illegal to have "Dedicated in 1933" on the side of a 1936 building?

We are not experts in criminal law, nor do we claim to be. In our understanding of the law, a person can write whatever he or she pleases on the side of a building, so long as he or she owns it.

Why does William Branham claim to be a "Baptist minister" when he ministered from a "Pentecostal Tabernacle?"

It is difficult to say why William Branham would be untruthful. Our research shows that Pentecostalism was not so popular until the mid to late forties, and some Pentecostal ministers were ran out of town. It is quite possible that he claimed to be Baptist simply to gain an audience that would receive his sermons.

Why would God kill Hope and Sharon Rose in a 1937 flood because William Branham refused to join the Pentecostals -- all while he preached in a Pentecostal church?

There are multiple problems with Branham's descriptions of "God's Wrath" and the events leading up to it. The bigger question is why Branham's "god" would ignore the Eternal Covenant of Grace to smite people over doctrinal issues. The God of my bible loved Hope and Sharon Rose enough to send His only Son to die for -- not for them to die unjustly.

Where can I find the deeds to the Branham Tabernacle and the plots of land in question? I'd like to show my family the 1936 date on the deed to the "Billie Branham Pentecostal Tabernacle"

Those of you in the surrounding area of Jeffersonville are able to examine all of this information for free at the courthouse during operating business hours (9-4:30). Simply walk in the front door, go through security, turn left, enter the second door on your left, and walk into the room filled with big, red books. There are four computers, and you can easily search for "Branham" or "Branham Tabernacle" to see all of the properties in Indiana. (You would need to do the same in the other states where land is owned). The original deed is in one of the big red books, and you can ask an assistant for help. You are looking for Lot no 16, Block No 4 of Ingram & Reads subdivision of Part or Letter A in Grant No. 2 of Clark County, State of Indiana. The deed is dated November 9, 1936. We have attached a photo copy of the deed, which will help you in locating the original.

Those of you outside of this area will have access to these documents as well. We intend on publishing the findings to our website when all of the records are collected.

Is there an IRS investigation?

We do not want to comment at this time.

Did the Branham Tabernacle hold church on Sunday?

According those still in contact and still attending the church, yes. And it was a very packed church, from what we understand.

Is Joseph Branham taking control of the church?

We cannot speak to his intentions, only to what we see happening.

I have family trapped in this cult. Where can I find more information?

We have the fundamental beliefs required by cult followers, along with a quick examination of those beliefs, broken down to five easy steps. Those steps can be found here:

We also recommend the following websites:

1936 Deed to the Branham Tabernacle:
Branham Tabernacle Deed