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William Branham - I Was Standing Just Below This

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William Branham - I Was Standing Just Below This:

Why are cult pastors now claiming that William Branham never said that he was standing underneath the "mystery cloud" of 1963? Are they tailoring their sermons to an audience that is now aware that the cloud was not so much of a "mystery" as it was an explainable phenomenon detailed in James MacDonald's second report?

Our only explanation is that George Smith's timeline given in an interview with Gospelcross made more sense than William Branham's timeline -- since Branham was in Houston, Texas when the cloud formed. Smith's testimony:

But why, after the last fifty years of proclaiming Branham's natural experience under the cloud, do they deny their own teaching? And why do they disagree with William Branham himself, who claimed that the cloud was there "the same time [he] was there?" and claimed that he was "standing just below [the cloud]?"

Cult pastors have known these things for years. The real question is why they taught what they knew to be false.