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Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split

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Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split:

We continue to receive phone calls, emails, and messages about the recent resignation of the pastor, song leader, and entire staff of deacons at the Branham Tabernacle of Jeffersonville, Indiana. We are trying to answer all of the emails, and I personally am answering all of the telephone calls. Please be patient for response. If you have sent something and we have not gotten to you yet, it is not because we are avoiding you.

Here are some answers to the questions others are asking:

Who resigned?

When we first published the video exposing what appears to be unethical misuse of church funds, William Branham's false statements about his "1933" tabernacle, and questions about Joseph Branham's public address, two deacons resigned the following Sunday. As I understand it, after publishing the latest video, and within approximately two weeks after their resignation, the entire staff of the deacons, the former pastor, and the song leader resigned. In sensitivity to their families and respect for the emotional journey they are beginning, the names will not be listed here. Most people in the "Message" know the name of the former pastor who resigned, and that he was my grandfather.

Where can I see the videos?

The first two videos are no longer online, and will be offline until further notice. Most of the relevant information can be found in this video:

What did the first two videos contain?

We are not able to discuss the content at this time. What we can tell you is that most of the relevant information is in the recent video.

What did they say in their resignations?

We will soon be publishing audio along with transcripts. Please be patient.

Is the portion of the video containing the concrete engraving "Dedicated In 1933" on the side of the Branham Tabernacle?

Yes. That concrete engraving is on the side of the building facing 8th street, near the entrance of the building.

Who put it there?

I am not certain. I am told that my grandfather was involved when that corner of the building was restructured after an automobile accident, and that the cornerstone was opened and found to be empty. I can neither confirm or deny this.

Would my grandfather and the Branhams have been aware that the deed to the tabernacle was 1936?

I am not certain that my grandfather would have had access to the deed. Billy Paul, Joseph Branham, and Roy Roberson are listed as official church trustees according to the court documents I find registered at the Jeffersonville courthouse.

Does this mean that the current trustees have no authority?

I cannot speak on behalf of the church. All I can say is that it would appear the current trustees were unaware of the transaction, while those listed on the court documents were fully aware.

Who owned the tabernacle before it was recently deeded to Joseph?

The church was deeded to the trustees of the tabernacle, as a mediator between the government and the people. I cannot find court records of the original trustees, which means that it would be the elected trustees at that time. In the 1980's, a portion of the building was transferred to the "William Branham Evangelistic Association," and it appears that transfer of land was executed by Billy Paul, Joseph, and Roy Roberson.

Isn't the William Branham Evangelistic Association the missionary organization that was listed as an expense on the statements posted on the bulletin board of the Tabernacle?

If memory serves, it was the WBEA of Indiana, a non-profit organization, that was posted. I do not recall a for-profit Arizona company listed.

Was Joseph Branham aware of these transfers of land?

I cannot speak as to what Joseph Branham knew or did not know. I can only say that his signature is on the documents.

Was Billy Paul Branham aware of these transfers of land?

I cannot speak as to what Billy Paul Branham knew or did not know. I can only say that his signature is on the documents.

Was Billy Paul Branham signing documents as "William Branham?"

The 1984 transfer is signed, "William Paul Branham." There appear to be other documents concerning properties both surrounding the Branham Tabernacle and beyond those boundaries. We are not yet ready to discuss the extent of the property owned or its impact on the church.

Did the deacons or the former pastor mention the reason why they resigned?

We will soon be publishing audio along with transcripts. Please be patient.

Will the former pastor continue to attend services at the Branham Tabernacle?

I cannot answer for the former pastor. Based on our understanding of his statements during his resignation, we can only assume that he will not.

Will the former pastor start a new church?

I cannot answer for the former pastor. Based on his age, we can only assume that he will not.

Was there a split between the former pastor and the Branhams?

I cannot speak to the personal relations between the former pastor or the Branham family.

Who is the new pastor of the Branham Tabernacle?

In similar circumstances in other churches, the assistant pastor assumes that role until a new pastor is chosen or he himself is chosen. It is my personal opinion that he is a "puppet pastor" chosen specifically for the purpose of this current phase of the bigger plan, and that he was chosen specifically for his devotion and allegiance to Voice of God Recordings.

Was there a scandal surrounding the family of the current assistant pastor of the Branham Tabernacle?

We will refrain from answering that question at this time. I believe it has already been answered in the discussion threads by former members of that church.

Is there evidence of misuse of funds?

We have not finished our investigation, and are not yet ready to give details of our current progress. What we can say is that court records show parsonages for members of the church other than the pastor.

Did the people of the church vote on the sale of church property prior to the transaction?

Not to my knowledge. I believe a vote was taken within the last few weeks.

Is the tithe collected being used for the betterment of the church, it's people, the community, or missionary work?

I will defer to the audio of the resignations.

Has this recent event helped people be set free from the Message?


Is the former pastor or the Branham family aware that the church was originally established as the "Billie Branham Pentecostal Tabernacle?"

I cannot speak for the former pastor or the Branham family. I can only speak for what William Branham himself knew at the time of the deed. He knew.

What portions of William Branham's ministry does the 1936 date on the Tabernacle deed place into question?

All of it. Those who actually study the Message are aware that the 1933 date was fundamental to both the "prophecies of 1933 and the "1933 Commission" fables.

I have members of my family trapped in this cult in ______ city(ies). Are they aware of the Tabernacle split or the 1936 date on the deed?

If there is one thing we can count on in the Message, it would be the "rumor mill."

Does this affect other churches outside of Jeffersonville?

Yes. Some cult churches pledge their allegiance to Voice of God Recordings, and send their excess funds to VOGR. This will (and has already) helped people begin seeking answers.

Can the Message itself survive after this information spreads?

Yes. Using examples of similar cults, such as the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and more, exposing the cult leader only seems to have a short-term impact. Those with footholds in developing nations continue to thrive offshore until the information is forgotten. We already see a push for Branhamism in developing nations.

Has your website traffic increased after this event?

Yes. Exponentially. Please pray for our servers :)

Are you getting much feedback and/or questions about this event?

Yes. Hence this public statement.

Are others helping you with your investigation?

Yes. We have been receiving tips from people both in and out of the message for some time now.

How do you have time for all of this?

It is not easy. I have a "day job" to provide for my family. :)

How can I help?

Tell others. Point them to the Bible. Share the Gospel with them.

Has your grandfather contacted you after this event?

No. Myself and my family were "shunned." I have no reason to believe we have been "un-shunned."

Was the former pastor aware of church finances, and does he know where the money is going?

I cannot speak to what the former pastor knew or did not know. His resignation after these things were made public can speak for itself.

Where does all the money go?

Stay tuned.