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Tailoring To The Crowd

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Tailoring To The Crowd:

During the Healing Revival of the 40's and 50's, ministers and evangelists brought forth an onslaught of different doctrines all bundled under the same "Gospel of Divine Healing." Looking back at some of the ministers in the movement, several today realize that many of them were not so familiar with their Bibles as they were the specific passages of scripture often repeated in the campaigns.

Towards the end of the Revival, however, the crowds began to thin. Familiar with the deceptive tactics used in the meetings, many started avoiding the gatherings and chose to join mainstream churches unaffiliated by the movement. Evangelists began pushing the crowds even further, trying to draw crowds by condemning their denominations -- especially those who warned their churches of the dangers in this new gospel. During this period, William Branham was no exception.

"The Protestant denominational churches is the image of the beast, because its denominated just exactly like Catholicism is. And God never did order His Chruch to be organized in any age, but has always bitterly condemned it."
- Branham, 1954, 54-0515

But as Ern Baxter pulled away from William Branham and the crowds began to thin even further, Branham realized that he could not continue with the same condemnation. To speak in a meeting hosted by a denominational church or those affiliated with mainstream Christianity would be to sever the hand that feeds. His statements must be reversed in those crowds, essentially tailoring his doctrine to the audience in front of him. By 1964, when many were distancing themselves from William Branham, Branham began to make his appeal to those he once condemned.

"It's alright to have denominations. I ain't against that. But see, that's what the people are. People say I tear down denominations, I kick them. I DO NOT. NO sir. The denominations, they're all right. That's just like working agreements, or anything like that."
- Branham, 1964, 64-1205 (To the Full Gospel Businessman's Association)

But ministers in the cult today divide themselves on the stance Branham preached from both sides of his mouth. Truly following an uncertain sound, one group of cult ministers continues Branham's condemnation of denominational churches while another group "draws their circle bigger" to include them. Then, because they both are in disagreement, they ostracize themselves from each other -- even though they are both of the same foundation.

The problem with this is far greater than the disagreement, however. This trumpet of uncertain sound was based on "revelation", revelation that Branham himself denied in an attempt to light an already dying flame. Cult pastors who still teach Branham's condemnation of denominational churches claim that this was a "purposeful uncertain sound," placing fancy words in the ears of their congregations to describe Branham's deceptive tactics when he preached away from his home churches.

This is not a practice that the Bible condones. The true Gospel of Jesus Christ needs no deception to attract a following -- God's sheep hear His voice. Scriptures are filled with passages warning of false prophets and teachers who would rise with deception in their words, with sole intent to separate the Body of Christ.

"Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another."
- Ephesians 4:25