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A Shaking Up At The Branham Tabernacle

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A Shaking Up At The Branham Tabernacle:

It has come to our attention through multiple people who have been almost lifelong fixtures in the Branham Tabernacle that a major coup has been executed against the leadership of the church. In most cases, this would imply that those under the pastor have decided to overthrow current authority, however the authority structure of the Branham Tabernacle is unlike most churches in the religious following of William Branham. A close examination of financial records and an overall examination of church activities will quickly lead one to believe that the pastor of this particular church, nor (most) of the elders, are making the critical decisions. Therefore, this "coup" has instead been exacted through mass resignation.

During the time when my family attended the tabernacle, financial transparency was almost non-existent. There were some very broad financial details posted to the bulletin board at the entrance of the church. But knowing my grandfather's financial status and comparing it to the going rate for standard church expenses in a Southern Indiana town, it is evident that the accounting practices included a ledger not visible to the people paying their tithes. My grandfather did not and does not live an extravagant lifestyle. But you can imagine the shock when we entered a normal Christian church and started receiving a four-to-six page summary of every expense — right down to the bathroom supplies. While normal Christians expect transparency in church finances, churches in the religious following of William Branham expect the opposite. Why? They act according to the example that was set forth by Branham himself.

There were times when a family attending the church went through financial hardship. Under normal (mainstream) church leadership — and even normal for some other Message churches — the bank account for the church included a savings fund for charitable contributions for the needy. As a non-profit establishment, one can only assume that donations for the growth and support of the church community are to be used for that growth and support. For as long as I can remember, this is not the case with the Branham Tabernacle. Those involved with the Tabernacle long before Brother Neville took his position as head pastor report the same issue — the needy suffered while the church accumulated a large mass of money that just "vanished." I remain in contact with people from both from Brother Snelling's church and Brother Neville's church to compare the present to days gone bye.

In today's world, it is not uncommon for men or women in salaried positions to make over $70,000 USD. Many in specialized fields make well over $100,000, and it is very easy to look around the Tabernacle to count those doctors, lawyers, analysts, computer or software technicians and more. It is uncommon for a family to make less than $30,000 USD, especially if both the husband and the wife are earning income. But for sake of argument, let's assume there are no individuals with a specialized skill, and all are working at the lesser wage. And let's assume that church attendance is only 500.

Paying tithe at 10% means that every ten people donate $30,000 to the church. During the course of a year, the church would accumulate 1.5 MILLION dollars before expenses.

But all are aware that most in the Branham Tabernacle do not earn the lower wage. It could easily be assumed that an average wage for a tithe-paying church member would be closer to $60,000 per year. It is also well known that many tithe-paying "members" never darken the door of the building, paying their tithes to the Tabernacle while staying at home and listening to the audio recordings of William Branham. We can assume that actual church attendance — including the "silent payers for silent prayers" — would be closer to 700.

Paying tithe at 10% means that every ten people donate $60,000 to the church. During the course of a year, the church would accumulate 4.2 MILLION DOLLARS before expenses if these numbers are correct. We can only assume they are higher, based on those working with specialized skills.

Where does all of this money go?

Unlike some of the other big-name pastors in the religious following of William Branham, my grandfather did not make a large salary. In fact, most would be shocked if they actually observed my grandfather and his lifestyle. They would be more shocked if they asked him what he took home each week. Many members of his church lived a far more extravagant lifestyle than the pastor. As a person growing up "on the inside," these were things that I myself witnessed — which raised a curiosity into the business structure of the church. It was not until after leaving the following, however, that I began reviewing the financial records that are available to the public. ... financial records that most tithe-paying members do not review.

When Voice of God Recordings reported a $100 million USD increase in profit, it obviously raised my curiosity even further. As a non-profit organization, an increase in assets at this level raises not only my curiosity, but also the curiosity of the Internal Revenue Service. Even an entry-level accountant would realize that this money could not be held very long while holding a non-profit status. It was not long before this money was transferred into another newly-established organization, whose sole purpose was to disperse the funds. This was presented on our website in a video, "Voice of God Recordings - Jehovah Jireh Foundation"

It was during this research that we noticed the Branham Tabernacle listed on Voice of God Recordings' end-of-the-year tax return. Also listed was the "William Branham Evangelistic Association," which was still reporting (hidden) financial movement. But the Arizona PROFITABLE company is configured such that its earnings are not publicly displayed.

Recently, it was brought to our attention that this profitable Arizona company held a portion of the grounds under the Tabernacle, and that both Billy Paul and Joseph signed these grounds away from the trustees. This matched what we had found in a brief trip to the Jeffersonville courthouse in 2013. When we reviewed Joseph Branham's public announcement leading readers to believe that he had no prior knowledge on these transactions, we had to ask the question: Is Joseph Branham Being Honest?

Multiple sources confirm that resignation letters from the deacons included public statements that allude to these same findings. When we visited the Jeffersonville courthouse in August, the woman helping point me to documentation mentioned that there were others from the Branham Tabernacle who recently went through many of the same documents. She asked me, why did I not just get the documents from them? Interestingly, the legal documents that pertain to the most recent transaction are not all-encompassing. There's a much larger story to tell when one examines all of the documents, starting back when the "Billie Branham Pentecostal Tabernacle" was purchased.

Questions are pouring in concerning this disruption in church leadership at the Branham Tabernacle. What are the changes? WHY are the changes? What is the strategy? We felt it necessary to address what we do know and avoid diving too deeply into speculation. We seek truth, not rumor.

We do know that the entire staff of deacons has stepped down. We know that the pastor has stepped down. We know that Joseph Branham has taken ownership of a portion of the building that includes a vault. We know that he and Billy Paul deeded it away from the trustees in the 80's, and that both Joe and Billy Paul were (and appear to still be) the only surviving trustees according to court records. We know that a "prophecy" was inserted into the table describing a "future" "forest cathedral."

We know that this "forest cathedral" is now being built. We know that a building has been erected next to the Branham Tabernacle that looks suspiciously like a welcome center for a museum. We know that a new pastor has taken his position, one who some claim is fully devoted to Joseph Branham, Billy Paul, and Voice of God Recordings.

It does not take a smart man to understand that this is only the third step of a much larger plan, and that this plan started long before any of us were aware of its existence. And we know that while these milestones of this master plan reach maturity, it is the "little people" who suffer.

Please keep the people of the Branham Tabernacle in your thoughts and prayers as they eyes are opened to what lies beneath.