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The Obliteration of Louisville Kentucky

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The Obliteration of Louisville Kentucky:

A recurring theme throughout William Branham's recorded ministry was the idea that Communist Russia destroying the nation. According to his list of 7 (or 8+) prophecies that he claimed to have been given in 1933 (or 1932), Branham claimed that he envisioned a "smoldering ash heap" of the destroyed nation. Using this as a platform, Branham successfully bound audiences in fear using the nations Communist Scare from 1947 to 1957 ( So successful, in fact, that his riding this wave of terror lasted well beyond 1957.

It amazes me each time a new threat to the nation is publicized. No matter who originated the threat, the cult ministers point their blame directly to Russia. Whether it is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), or a cyber attack by China, or even some localized internal threat, cult pastors continue to try and squeeze blood from the turnip Branham had already compressed to the size of a garden pea.

They are ever-so-excited when they see any conflict between our nation and Vladimir Putin. As public relations continue to tear down between our two countries, many of them remember the days when common people were buying bomb shelters to survive the nuclear blast Russia was going to send our way. The old timers in the cult churches feed on this fear, inventing new conspiracy theories that bind all opposing nations into one single Russian mafia of nationalities. But in doing so, they fail to follow "every word" the prophet spoke.

Not realizing that this fear tactic was a strategy, and since they do not live in the metro area of Louisville, KY, they ignore parts of Branham's many descriptions of the events during this Russian Scare. Branham enjoyed using fear tactics that hit home -- scaring the people in his home church of Jeffersonville, IN that Louisville was the target of the first attack. Louisville, whose only claim to fame of the time was the Kentucky Derby and a few breweries.

Even cult pastors are smart enough to realize that this is a strategy that did not make sense. If a country was going to bring down a nation in this day and age, their first target will be a major financial center, communications, or industry. As we've already seen, New York is the most likely target, and even terrorist organizations recognize the importance of a first strike. When the World Trade Center fell, it shook the nation.

So as cult pastors continue to ride Branham's wave of fear, their congregations need to ask themselves: Why aren't they proclaiming that Russia is going to destroy LOUISVILLE Kentucky? Why don't the conspiracy theories all lead to the Kentucky Derby being obliterated? Why do they not mock the restaurants of their town that their favorite Kentucky Bourbon will no longer exist? Have they, too, realized that this is nonsense?