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Tribute To Pearry Green (1933 - 2015)

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Tribute To Pearry Green (1933 - 2015):

One of the founding fathers of the Message, the religious following of William Marrion Branham, has passed on to the other side. And in the time of death, I feel that every Christian should put aside their differences to pay respect to the deceased and offer their love and support to the families affected by the passing.

Since it is well known that this site disagreed with a great deal of Mr. Green's position on many of the doctrines introduced by William Branham, we fully intended to keep silent and let the people of the Tucson Tabernacle mourn. When word came to us yesterday regarding his passing, many who had left his congregation had an emotional response that we feel would be disrespectful to the situation, regardless of circumstances initiating their departure from the church. In the end, God holds all things in his hands, and He knows the hearts of men.

It was not until we read the "tribute" on Voice of God Recordings website,, that we decided to break our silence. Not to speak on behalf of those who have made their exit from this religious following, but to speak on behalf of Pearry Green. Mr. Green deserves a REAL tribute, not the few little paragraphs we find on Voice of God Recordings website.

I, personally, did not know Mr. Green. It is no secret that the followers in Jeffersonville did not see eye-to-eye with Pearry Green, and my family was no different than the others in Jeffersonville. I do not remember ever having seen Mr. Green in person, though I'm sure that at some point in my life I would have visited his tabernacle in Tucson. But shocking to those of you who have left the religious following of William Branham, I am going to make an attempt at a proper eulogy. I am going to do so with the assumption that Mr. Green believed in what he said, respecting the fallen as I would any other person who devoted his entire life to something that he believed in -- regardless of whether or not I, myself, believed in it or the eternal consequences of that belief system.

Pearry Green was much, much more than simply a "man who setup a telephone hookup" as's article would have you believe. And it was not only a "telephone hookup" that he established for the churches that followed William Branham during his life. How many are aware that he also had a "TELEVISION hookup?"

"Now I want to greet the folks who is on the telephone hookup tonight, across the country, all the way from California to New York, and Texas and—and up different parts of the nation, from Maine to California. So, we got a—a system of hooking up these telephones, that's been a great blessing. And now we understand, through our good friend, Brother Pearry Green, that they've got a—a little gadget they can put on your television set, and not only will it be on the telephone but it will be televised right in your television set, also. And they're seeing about it now."
- Branham, 65-0919 - Thirst

Pearry Green worked very hard to spread William Branham's "message to a lost and dying world." In 1964, he sponsored a series of meetings in Beaumont, Texas, inviting William Branham to speak for the crowds to hear what he truly felt was the new Gospel, or the "Spoken Word" for our day. In the 1964 sermon, "God Is Identified By His Characteristics," Green worked very hard in sponsoring and organizing the meeting, actively participating in the proceedings, and working closely with William Branham to convert Christians into what would later become "The Message."

He continued to be active in helping spread Branham's ministry, not only through the telephone and television hookups mentioned earlier, but preaching and teaching the doctrines that he learned from William Branham as the two turned from close acquaintances to close friends. When Branham would mention groups of followers from around the country, it is no surprise that Green was often mentioned.

"Be with Brother Neville and these men who are bringing the Word way down in Texas, and out in Arkansas, and different places; just be with them, Father. Brother Pearry Green and all the group there, and—just be with all them, Lord; they're Your little children."
Branham, 64-0823E - Questions And Answers #2

Peary Green eventually relocated to Tucson, Arizona, through what he believed to be a leading from the Holy Spirit. He was instrumental in establishing the following in Arizona, through the tabernacle that he would pastor until the day of his death. Though, I'm sure that if you asked Pearry Green at any time in his life, William Branham was the pastor while he was just a minister pointing others to Christ through William Branham's teaching. Branham himself recognized this.

"I'm so grateful that Brother Pearry followed the leading of the Holy Spirit, and today we have a tabernacle."
Branham, 65-1121 - What House Will You Build Me?

But Green did so much more than this. After Branham's death, he continued with outreach programs to spread the Message to the world. His ministry, resources, and writings are still used by the two to four million followers around the globe. Books were published, such as "Acts of the Prophet," which detail the life and times of William Branham according to Branham's many recorded stories and his personal experiences with William Branham. Whether Voice of God Recordings wants to believe it or not, this religious following would not be what it is today without Pearry Green. It likely would have imploded after Spoken Word's book entitled "1977" detailed Branham's predictions that did not succeed in the year that the book described. Green and a handful of men kept this religious following alive.

I take issue with Voice of God Recordings limited celebration of the work that Pearry Green did for them. Not only because this is not much of a tribute to such a big name in the Message, but because of the statement that is making here. The best thing they can say in tribute is that he setup a "telephone hookup?" Really???

If this TRULY were a message sent to a lost and dying world, would not his spreading of that message to that lost and dying world be the greatest tribute to his life? The handful of people that would have heard a handful of sermons through a low-quality telephone signal cannot compare to the hundreds of thousands of people that he brought this message to! If truly believed that Branham's statements were true, and that this "little bride" has just a few more days until they are raptured, would not they rejoice that the "Message of the Hour" was spread to hundreds of thousands more? Wouldn't they want every single person -- man, woman, and child -- to hear the words that they feel are life to a dying soul? Wouldn't they tribute him by saying that he literally saved the lives of the dying? Or would they rather only a handful through a very limited telephone hookup be the only souls saved?

I, personally, no longer believe the portions of Pearry Green's belief system that have been proven false. As William Branham said, "let black be black and white be white." But I am willing, for just this moment in time, to pay respect to a man who devoted his life to spreading the new gospel that he believed in. And if the followers of this religious system are unable to properly tribute Pearry Green for his dedicated work, I feel that a great injustice has been served to the family of the fallen. To that family, I offer my deepest condolences, and pray that God will offer you peace and comfort during this time of sorrow. I pray that God will recognize his devotion to what he believed, and that he truly did find his place in the loving arms of the Savior who died for all men.

"He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? Who shall bring any charge against God's elect? It is God who justifies. Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was raised—who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us.
- Romans 8:32-34