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The Martian Prophecy

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The Martian Prophecy:

Of all the "Did You Know" posts that Voice of God Recordings used for "education" of the children of Branham's religious cult, the most absurd is that of the distance between the planets Earth and Mars. According to William Branham's "revelation" in April of 1955, traveling from Earth at the speed of light, it would take billions of years to reach Mars.

At the time William Branham claimed this "revelation," the world was abuzz with excitement surrounding the advances in technology in space flight. Only a few days before, March 25, a Navy jet fighter named Chance Vought exceeded the speed of sound on the first flight of the XF8U-1 at Edwards AFB. March 1955 was a breakthrough for the space program, the F-1 rocket engine reaching a million pounds of thrust in a single chamber. These breakthroughs had the world talking, and they were talking Mars.

The very same month that William Branham claimed this "revelation," Paramount Pictures released a technicolor film entitled "The Conquest of Space," advertising that viewers could "See how it will happen in [their] lifetime." The movie revolves around General Samuel T. Merritt (played by Walter Brooke), and his critical mission: to travel to Mars.

Few in the cult of William Branham realize it, but while condemning his followers for watching television and movies, Branham himself seemed to enjoy the entertainment. We've pointed out earlier how some "visions" of giant birds and insects appear to come from science fiction films, and Branham himself admitted to have went to the theaters to see a raunchy Marilyn Monroe film. When Branham told his audience of this new "revelation" concerning Mars, it was a direct argument against the many newspaper advertisements, billboards, radio advertisements, and television promotions of the new Martian film. In other words, "Hollywood is telling you that we will go to Mars. I (William Branham) have the revelation that they are wrong.

At the time Branham claimed this revelation, he had a 50/50 chance of success. Either mankind will send equipment to Mars using this new technology, or they will discover that their calculations on the distance between planets was far greater than they expected. Branham was gambling on the latter.

But at the time Voice of God Recordings used this failed prophecy as an education tool for young learning minds, it had already failed. We had already reached Mars, and it was not nearly so lengthy of a trip as the general population had expected. Rather than the "billions of years at light speed" that Branham "revealed," it takes only nine months traveling at mankind's current rocket velocity.

People often question why Seek The Truth claims that the cult has ultimately decided to choose William Branham as their new god. Many of these people in the cult pray to the name "Jesus." But at the same time, many of these same people, following Voice of God Recordings' example, taught their children that Branham's "revelation" was true long after it was proven "false." They have decidedly chosen a false "revelation" over established fact. They have decidedly chosen a false prophet over truth.