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Let's Join Together And Help

When Seek the Truth first started, there were several websites proclaiming William Branham as the forerunner to the second coming of Jesus Christ to this earth. In fact, some of them even claimed that William Branham WAS the second coming of Jesus Christ. Others sat somewhere in the middle, claiming that Branham's "Message" was the second coming of Jesus Christ. Interestingly those in that latter category never produced any details of what this "Message" is or was beyond "PREPARE YOURSELF" -- which we could have already gathered from our Bibles. But their sites and their churches proudly present banners quoting Luke 17:30, understood to mean that they believe this verse applied to Branham's ministry or William Branham himself.

When other websites, such as and started their examination of the materials published by Voice of God Recordings and came to many of the same conclusions, these cult websites started taking notice. A few of them even attempted to answer the many internal conflicts of Voice of God's material, but with little success. One site in particular tried to explain why the "Church Age Messengers" all disagreed with Branham's doctrinal stance, while still agreeing with Branham's statement that each "Messenger" lived during their "Church Age." And Columba did not live during the time span of the "Age" that Branham appears to have copied from Clarence Larkin's "Dispensational Truth."

But the most interesting part of this process are the changes that started coming to the websites owned and managed by Voice of God Recordings. Until that point in time, all information on,, and the other sites VOGR managed were virtually unchallenged. They were free to publish any statement made by William Branham, and present it to the readers as though it were absolute truth with no examination into its accuracy.

Most of the followers of William Branham are easily sold. Almost any collection of words that are joined together into a quote are readily accepted so long as you attribute the quote to William Branham. We always include the tape index along with the quote so that readers can confirm that Branham did, indeed, make the statement. But I've often wondered if quotes from Adolf Hitler or even Hillary Clinton would be accepted if we added Branham's name to them. Many followers would argue until they blue in the face to support a statement made by Buddha if it had William Branham's name under it.

Let's face it. Some of the issues are complicated. Many followers of William Branham must be taught what they are supposed to believe before you can explain to them why they cannot believe it. And VOGR does not make this any easier when they do not offer the complete collection of sermons in other languages. Is fifty years not long enough to translate? Money surely isn't the issue!

But other issues are not so complicated. When William Branham claims that the earth is square, most school children know better than this. When Branham claims that men have one less rib than women, most teen agers know better. To believe Branham's strange claims that shooting stars are weather lights, Mars is a billion years from earth, mustard cannot hybrid or opium comes from lilies, one must abandon basic knowledge or common sense.

Thankfully, the websites exposing William Branham's ministry are making a difference. Many of the nonsensical issues are now being removed. For example: On the "Young Foundations" website, the "Did You Know" article teaching young children that the earth is actually square now is offline:

(There are internet caching systems that store a "cached" version of this page, such as this one):

The newsletter "Because He Said So" that explained how Branham could tell lies since [they claim] the Bible is filled with errors is now offline. That publication in of itself produced a mass exodus from the cult.

Speaking on behalf of all websites exposing the failed prophecies, fictional life stories, hypocrisy, and false doctrine of William Branham I can say that the most difficult challenge is keeping up with all of these changes. It is very difficult to address a fundamental issue that the cult has decided is no longer fundamental. As priority shifts, it edges very closely to circular reasoning -- by the time you reach the end of the cycle, it starts back at the original doctrine.

For instance, when we first started Seek The Truth, Voice of God Recordings had positioned themselves to promote the idea that William Branham made no mistakes. In Joseph Branham's Russia videos, the world was suddenly aware that "This Message Is [his] Absolute." Pastors continued the strategy, claiming that "This Message is more accurate than today's newspaper." My grandfather would often say, "This message will stand against all scrutiny," meaning that no matter how you examined it, you will not find a single problem with it.

But after hundreds, possibly thousands of fundamental issues surfaced, all of these people retreated. No longer was it perfection, it was a message of imperfection. No longer was Branham's statements without error, they were filled with error -- and that's ok, because [they] claim the Bible itself has error. No longer does it matter whether or not William Branham was under the cloud, whether or not sixteen men fell from a bridge, or whether or not that bridge was built before or after Branham's birth, whether or not he saw an egg-shaped car at a world's fair or more. That foundation of perfection was ripped out and retooled with a foundation of imperfection. The "Message" itself had now changed.

So on a mass scale, it is evident that the research websites are making a difference. No longer can men inflect spiritual abuse using nonsensical claims -- their congregations want truth and are aware of error. Pastors are starting to fear the thinning of their church pews, and are now withholding many wild claims that they have preached for over fifty years. Cult pastors now have to examine their statements before they are made in public. Our question is, why was this not the case to begin with? Should any pastor be given the right to say anything he wants, without any boundaries? It reminds me of a bull in a china shop. Looking back, some of the claims we heard from Sunday to Sunday are quite comical. Maybe that's why some cult pastors are now starting to require logins on their sermon transcripts and recordings.

All of these websites have a list of the topics each site feels to be fundamental in realizing that this religious following is a spiritually abusive cult. Our "Resources" page and Blog (, have made the website almost 125% more active than it was this time last year. Though new content is not being added as quickly as we'd like, many of the most important facts are listed.

The most impressive list of issues with the message is found on It's actually quite impressive, each detail expanded to explain WHY it is an important issue, or in some cases why it is not so important.

This list can be found here:

Check it out today! And then, let's join together and help! How many pages can we help them remove or update?