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UPDATED Secret Audio Letter to Lee Vayle

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UPDATED: Secret Audio Letter to Lee Vayle:

Earlier today, we published findings of a top secret recording sent from William Branham to Lee Vayle regarding some statements Vayle could make to lead the people to believe that William Branham was the return of Jesus Christ to this earth. In the video that accompanied the text, we only included the written transcript of the recording that Vayle refused to destroy upon receipt.

We walked you through the key points in the transcript that Branham wanted Vayle to "inject," all leading the cult following to understand that his "Message" was the return of Jesus Christ. From there, Branham would seal the deal by convincing the people that "the message and the messenger are one and the same."

Since publishing the video yesterday, we found the audio portion of that recording on a third-party website available for download. The video has been recompiled, now including Branham's voice with the top secret audio message.

Somehow, I have this mental image of Voice of God Recordings wishing they had invested in the "Mission Impossible Tape Player," the one that ends with, "This message will self destruct in sixty seconds" and a wildly addictive tune that has endured the ages. Thankfully for those escaping the cult, Branham's investments went towards other equipment such as short-range radio broadcasting equipment in the Tabernacle.

The updated video can be viewed here: