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Secret Audio Letter To Lee Vayle

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Secret Audio Letter To Lee Vayle:

On the outreach websites containing the transcripts of the recorded sermons of William Branham, there is one "sermon" that you will find of particular interest. It is a secret recording, one never intended for public viewing, one that "Doctor" Lee Vayle appears to have disobeyed Branham's request in destroying. Why did he not obey?

This top secret transcript was initially sent to Lee Vayle as instructions for Vayle's manuscripts. Branham was giving instructions as to the seeds Vayle could plant, which he would water and grow in the minds of an unsuspecting audience. These very statements are critical in understanding how the cult became the multi-million-dollar-powerhouse that it is today.

Immediately before telling Vayle to destroy the tape, Branham instructs Vayle to begin mentioning the similarities between Branham's name and Abraham's name. Both have seven letters. Both end in "HAM." Branham asks that Vayle "inject" it in his material.

Then, using a few scattered examples, he creates a roadmap of specific passages of scripture to indicate that he [William Branham] is the return of Jesus Christ:

1) His name was similar to Abraham (in English, not Hebrew)
2) One of the titles of Jesus Christ was "Son of Man"
3) Prophets were also called "Son of Man"
4) Therefore, prophets must be Jesus Christ
5) By extension, he [William Branham] was Jesus Christ

Along with this strategy, Branham himself started injecting similar statements into his sermons. Take the 1965 "Birth Pains" sermon for instance. Branham continued the logic with:

6) Billy Graham's name also ended in "HAM"
7) Graham's name was not seven letters
8) Lot was sent to Sodom
9) Therefore Billy Graham was sent to prepare the way for the "Son of Man" (Jesus Christ) whose name (In English) numbered seven letters.

There are multiple problems with this, the largest being translation of the ancient Hebrew. Abraham's name did not number seven letters in Hebrew -- Hebrew has no vowels, and five symbols.

Also, there is the issue of "Son of Man," which is much, much deeper than anyone in the cult realizes. "Son of Man" correctly translated is "Son of Adam," (ben-'adam) which literally means "human." It is used 93 times in the book of Ezekiel to show a stark contrast between the lowly status of humanity against the exulted dignity of God.

This presents a problem for the version of Christ most often described by Branham. Though his views of the Godhead vary widely, from praying to the persons in the Trinity to a modalistic or dualistic God, he most often used Charles Taze Russel's theological representation of Christ. In this form, Branham would claim that Christ was "just a man" until his baptism, then becomes a higher being, then abandoned to die as a human on the cross. Branham did not understand the concept of "fully God and fully man" that most Christians believe. The idea that a "son of man" or "lowly human" could live a perfect life, die on the cross for our atonement, be buried and rise again all while being "son of man" (human), "son of David" (heir to the throne), "son of God" (The Heavenly Father's only begotten Son" was foreign to Branham. His Influence from the Jehovah's Witness founder ran too deeply.

But in the end, the strategy was highly effective. He truly accomplished his goal. The cult has now accepted Branham as the "Spoken Word." They truly believe that his voice was the "Voice of God," and that the words proceeding from his mouth onto magnetic tape came directly from the mouth of Almighty God. Though most in the cult would deny having been led into Branham's trap, even the names of the organizations selling his product speak to their replacement for the Holy Writ.

It is a shame, because the instructions were so simple:

"Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect"
Matthew 24:23-24

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