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Science Is Of The Devil

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Science Is Of The Devil:

Concerning "science," the cult followers of William Branham are faced with this strange conundrum: Do we use scientific evidence as "vindication" of Branham's ministry as William Branham himself asked us to? Or do we ignore it, believing that scientific research is a tool of Satan used to deceive us ... also as William Branham claimed?

Cult followers are familiar with Branham's many statements concerning science. In fact, many are programmed to believe that all scientific facts cannot be believed because Satan is using scientific fact against their cult doctrine. Voice of God Recording's "Because He Said So" newsletter made that exact claim -- we cannot believe scientific fact, because (according to their newsletter) the Bible cannot be trusted."

Those who were not involved with the cult of William Branham are not familiar with this ideology. Most normal (not programmed) Christians are aware that facts are the building blocks required for truth, and that "fiction" is better associated with Satan's tool Belt. For those people, the not-programmed crowd, let's examine a few of Branham's statements:

"But Cain's children did. Why? Inspired by their daddy, the devil. Cain, inspired by his daddy, the devil, and these inspired by that seed coming down."
Branham, 65-0801M - The God Of This Evil Age

"Knowledge, science, education, is the greatest hindrance that God ever had. It is of the devil."
Branham, 65-0801M - The God Of This Evil Age

"knowledge and science, and Christianity, has no fellowship at all. One is of the devil, and the other one is of God."
Branham, 65-0801M - The God Of This Evil Age

"I don't care how much science we have, and whatmore, or education, it's of the devil."
Branham, 65-0911 - God's Power To Transform

"All culture in the earth, all powers of science, and everything, is of the devil."
Branham, 65-0911 - God's Power To Transform

"science, education, cities, culture. It's of the devil"
Branham, 65-1031M - Power Of Transformation

"And science is taking—is taking the natural things and perverting it to do things that it wasn't intended to do."
Branham, 65-1031M - Power Of Transformation

"education, science and civilization, is of the devil. That's right. It isn't of God. It is of the devil. "
Branham, 65-1031M - Power Of Transformation

"science and civilization, is of the devil"
Branham, 65-1204 - The Rapture

"Education, science, civilization, and all these things that we seemingly so enjoy today, is of Satan, and will perish."
Branham, 65-1205 - Things That Are To Be

"Education, all these things, they're of the devil; science perverting the natural things, making something else."
Branham, 65-1207 - Leadership

The problem as we mentioned above, is that while programmed to reject scientific fact, cult followers are also asked to use it as "vindication" of their prophet. But the problem is actually much deeper than that.

When science is used to compare Branham's statements with recorded history, the cult asks their followers to ignore "scientific fact." Milestones in history, government records and more that are threatening to cult doctrine are excluded from conversation.

But when asked to use "science" as "vindication" of William Branham's supernatural claim, cult followers are asked to fully accept and believe "scientific theory" instead of "scientific fact" using a slight-of-the-hand technique.

For example:

William Branham used a report given by George J. Lacy that examined a photograph taken in the Houston Coliseum that appears to display a halo above William Branham's head. Branham often refers to this as "science vindicating" his ministry:

"You're probably familiar with this picture. It was proven by science that it was the only supernatural Being that was ever scientifically photographed."
Branham, 53-0800 - The Twentieth-Century Prophet

But the slight-of-hand technique replaces Lacy's actual statement describing scientific with Branham's theory. Scientific fact in the document, scientific theory in Branham's logic. Lacy's report states that "the light struck the lens," which was apparent to anyone who examines the photograph. Branham's theory is that this light was "God."

Many scientific theories are incorrect. And to the uneducated, a scientific theory can seem like a "lie of satan" when proven false. But this process is how we establish scientific fact. One very simple example of this is water and ice. One can theorize that ice can be poured from a vessel of water since ice is water. It is a valid scientific theory, but not a valid scientific fact. Once the theory is examined, one quickly realizes that the facts do not support the theory. But the fact that ice is made of water is immovable -- it is scientific fact.

In essence, Branham asked his followers to use science as proof of his halo photograph, but confused his followers as to the process of establishing scientific fact. Worse, most of the children of the cult are forbidden to study this process at all -- some of them removed from schools and higher education for the statements we sampled in this post.

To the normal (not programmed) Christian, they would quickly notice that this is an elementary-level process. Were lights positioned in the same location as the "halo?" Did other photographs taken in the same building produce similar halos? Are all of these halos "God?" A normal (not programmed) Christian would quickly realize that to honor Branham's request to make use of science to back his claims, one must also give the Beatles, basketball players, atheist speakers and more "gods" above their heads. In this particular instance, science can absolutely "disprove god" -- we know with certainty that the light bulbs above the heads of these people were created by man. Therefore, these lights were not gods.

To the normal (not programmed) Christian, it is clearly obvious that William Branham's ministry was filled with self-promotion rather than a focus upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This slight-of-hand technique is nothing more than deception used to lure itching ears. But beneath that deception lies a deeper problem:

To make this claim, that scientists were 'of the devil,' Branham had to twist and deny scripture.