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Testimony Describing Experiences In A Branham Cult

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Testimony Describing Experiences In A Branham Cult:

"I was raised in a cult. It was a very strict religious cult, they're called 'Branhamites,' you can look them up on the internet or you can just go to and you'll find out more about them. Now if you go there, please don't join, and understand that they don't say, 'we're a cult, please join us.'"

So, if you go and look at it, please understand what they are. They believed in an 'end-time prophet.' They believed his name was William Branham. They believed he was the literal resurrection of the prophet Elijah from the Bible, and they believed that he was the forbearer of the literal apocalypse, that the living revelation's in the Bible.

And they believed in things like "no education past the sixth or seventh grade." No radio. No television. They didn't believe an women wearing any garment that pertained to a man; no jewelry, not allowed to cut their hair. Had to be completely subservient to their husbands. This is a great deal if you are woman listening to this, right?

If you didn't act in a subservient way to your husband, corporal punishment was allowed. Husbands regularly gave their wives spankings and things like that for not applying the rules of the house.

There were all kinds of things that went on in this cult, and my mom was a very bright woman, and I was trying to understand, how did she come up with the idea that this was a good thing to do? And what kept her there for so long? I was there from the time I was six until I was about sixteen years old. And I wanted to know, I had to understand, how did my mom decide to raise me and my two brothers in this wild environment of this cult and what kept her there?

And I finally did understand it, but when I was sixteen, I left home and I quit going to the church, because they were pressuring my family quite a bit about me continuing to go to school. And when I left, they did one interesting thing right before I left. They brought me up on stage, or the platform if you will where the pulpit was. They had the deacons and the ministers lay their hands on me, and they prayed to God that he would turn my soul over to Satan for the destruction of my flesh. That I would be killed or that I'd be so severely tormented that I would drag myself back and beg for forgiveness. And maybe I'd be lucky and then be able to go to heaven, though it was very, very, very unlikely at that point -- since only 144,000 people could go and there were a lot more than that in the organization. There's about two and a half million of them in the world today. That organization still exists.

But what happened when I left was that I, you know, a couple times in my life I thought their prayer might be working, to be honest with you Joe, but at the end of the day, what I did is I sat down and began studying persuasion, coercion, manipulation, advertising, marketing -- anything that I could get my hands on that would help me understand what decision my mom made.

So as a result of that, I've leveraged that into a business where I'd help people and businesses create rapid consumer influence strategies -- where I'd help people become very effective at creating persuasion strategies. And during that time, I began to understand how people persuaded themselves. And persuading yourself is one of the key ways that you become masterful of your time; that you become masterful of your life!"