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Africans Declare Branham To Be God

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Africans Declare Branham To Be God:

William Branham often referred to his healing campaigns with Oral Roberts in South Africa as highly successful, claiming that when he began to speak, the crowds were "converted." In fact, he claimed that he got "30,000 converts in one day."

To a Christian audience, this sounds wonderful. To a Christian audience, this is a man planting a seed, allowing God to water that seed, and they envision Christian people helping these new converts by teaching them more about Jesus Christ and the Bible. To a Christian audience, a new convert is nothing more than an open vessel -- and this first step in their journey is simply unscrewing the lid. Now, that vessel must be filled.

To a Christian audience, from a minister claiming to be "Christian," they expect that these "new converts" are converts to Jesus Christ.

But to a programmed cult follower of William Branham, this is not the case. A new "convert" is a person who accepts William Branham. A new convert is a person who accepts and believes the materials printed by Voice of God Recordings. Many new converts are not given bibles, but most new converts are given "the spoken word" (the transcripts to sermons published by William Branham.

A normal (not programmed) Christian would quickly ask: "What are the fruits of this type of ministry?"

Here is an example of the fruits of William Branham's ministry, watered and matured through the printed materials of Voice of God Recordings. These "30,000 converts" have now started producing fruits that declare William Branham to be their god.