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Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 9

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Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 9:

The last article on the third page of the newsletter is a plea, almost an act of desperation by Voice of God Recordings, begging the cult followers not to visit the websites that examine William Branham and his ministry. As one would expect, the opening arguments claim that none of these websites can be trusted, and that they can be compared to skeptics who did not believe Jesus Christ in the days when he walked the earth.

When read without knowing all of the fundamental issues with the message, one can agree with most of this article. If you did not know that William Branham had failed prophecies, and were not aware that the Bible instructs us to examine the prophecies of prophets do determine if they were sent by God, one can positively agree with most of what the author presents.

There are skeptics of Christianity, and there have always been. Since the days that Jesus Christ walked the earth, the world has seen believers and unbelievers. And you absolutely SHOULD place yourself into the scenario that they describe. Examine yourself, were you alive two thousand years ago. Would you believe Christ? If you heard that he was breaking the Mosaic Law, would you listen to his words? Would you have faith in the Word of God?

I fully agree with most of this article, with the obvious exception to whether or not the websites can be trusted. And I have often said, do NOT trust the information that we present on the website -- examine it for yourself. If you find a mistake, contact us and we will change it as quickly as possible. We are humans, and we do make mistakes.

And I agree with their assessment of the internet. You will find hundreds of websites criticizing the Bible. You can find conspiracy theorists claiming that Christ did not exist. You do need to be careful as to what you feed your mind upon -- not everything is wholesome and healthy.

If there is one problem I have with this article, it is the first sentence: "Various websites say Brother Branham was a false prophet and they give some really good arguments, so he must be."

Their strategy here is to compare their publications to the "forces of good," and the websites examining William Branham to the "forces of bad." And the forces of good (them) ask that you believe "BECAUSE HE SAID SO." The problem is that they want the readers to believe that William Branham is false "BECAUSE WE SAID SO."

Those who have visited our websites know differently. We were devastated when we learned that William Branham was a false prophet. We cried real tears when we first heard his life story, and cried even more real tears when we learned that most of that life story was fictional. We have never asked any person to believe that William Branham is a false prophet "because we said so." This is the strategy of a narcissistic personality, one that is the very title of this newsletter, and one that denies huge portions of scripture. The Bible asks us to test the prophets, not to believe them "because they said so."

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. But the Bible does not want you to believe that a Christian can place their faith in lies or liars.

"A righteous man hates lying: but a wicked man is loathsome, and comes to shame." - Proverbs 13:5

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