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Is Joseph Branham Honest - We Stand Corrected

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Is Joseph Branham Honest - We Stand Corrected:

In yesterday's video, "Is Joseph Branham Honest - Claiming Ownership of the Branham Tabernacle," we asked any who found outdated or incorrect information in our research to contact us on our website.

You responded.

One viewer asked us to take a look at document ID# 200213151 10-20-00-200-798.000.010, executed by William Paul Jr., Wiatt, Tarrent, & Combs LLP. So we took another trip to the local courthouse.

In Joseph Branham's "testimony" published to (, he made the claim that transfer of Lot 15 of the corner of Eighth and Penn Street (the Branham Tabernacle) was "unbeknown to Bro. Billy Paul or myself." We asked you: "Is Joseph Branham honest?"

After the second trip to the courthouse, and using the document ID, we were able to find the deed executed in 2002. Guess who showed up in person and signed it? ;)

NOTICE: This video has been taken offline until further notice.