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Voice Of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 7

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Voice Of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 7:

The largest surge of cult members fleeing the following of William Branham out of the cult and into Christianity came when published their articles overturning William Branham's bridge prophecy. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, and examining the history of the bridge from every angle, the writers of determined that William Branham had lied about a "vision."

But these people examining the bridge prophecy were not "questioners" as Voice of God Recordings would have you believe by reading this article. In fact, they were believers of William Branham, indoctrinated by the cult programming, and started their website to help lead those questioning Branham back into the cult. They truly were searching for vindication. But vindication did not lean towards William Branham -- instead, it leaned towards those who noticed that his "prophecy" got the wrong bridge.

Voice of God Recordings is very deceptive in the opening statements of the article. To the casual cult reader examining the newsletter, they would be led to believe that there is a lack of evidence. As with every other prophecy William Branham claimed to have declared, the burden of proof is placed on the seeker, not the prophet. The scriptural commandment to test the prophets according to the outcome of their prophecy is made more difficult since the original prophecies are conveniently "lost" by Voice of God Recordings. They lead the reader to believe that there is a lack of evidence, and then compare that lack of evidence to men who lived thousands of years ago in a far and distant land where archaeological evidence is often destroyed through through countless wars.

But the truth of the matter is that there is an astounding mound of evidence produced by Those who have examined the site are often shocked at how much evidence against William Branham's claim could be unearthed by one single mother and father while juggling children. Though the burden of proof was wrongfully in the hands of the seeker, they were able to seek and find.

It is very interesting that this strategy by Voice of God Recordings was largely unsuccessful. So much of a failure in fact, that after the newsletter was published, they instead began using the testimony of one John (Jack) Vissing to defend Branham's failed prophecy. And Vissing's words were enough to push several cult followers over the edge towards questioning everything -- Voice of God Recordings proudly presented Vissing's arguments as factual evidence even though it was in direct conflict with the vision itself. The number of men, the number of years predicted and other details did not match.

Voice of God Recordings gambled their millions on the question of whether or not the average cult follower would accept the opening arguments of the newsletter and believe in a lie simply because they said so.

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