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Is Joseph Branham Honest - Claiming Ownership Of The Tabernacle

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Is Joseph Branham Honest - Claiming Ownership Of The Tabernacle:

In an August 8, 2015 letter posted to the front page of, the website of Voice of God Recordings, Joseph Branham announced that he had taken part ownership of the Branham Tabernacle. This announcement turned a few heads, because Joe described his ownership had literally split the church in half -- his half being the side with the tape room. "Can a building be legally split in half?" some asked. "How could such a mistake be made?" others questioned. "Isn't this tabernacle owned by the people?" frustrated members inside the church exclaimed, remembering William Branham's own statements as they related to the vote by the people.

But a simple trip to the Clark County Courthouse in Jeffersonville, Indiana complicates the issue. It appears that both Billy Paul and Joseph SHOULD have been aware of all of these exchanges in property. Not only are they listed with the courthouse as official trustees, a quick review of the signatures on the documents place many things in question.

And not just with regards to property. When John (Jack) Vissing gave his "witness testimony" regarding the Clark Memorial Bridge, questions poured into our website asking if Vissing was on the Voice of God Recordings payroll. While we cannot examine their payroll (except for the 100 millions dollars incoming), we can examine the signatures on these documents. Guess whose signature we find!

NOTICE: This video has been taken offline until further notice.