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Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 5

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Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 5:

In the final article on the first page, Voice of God Recordings sets the standard for the rest of the article by adding one final and very subtle statement: That we cannot believe in scientific discovery. This is critical in examining the fundamental issues with the printed material they have gained over a hundred million dollars producing. Specifically, they would have you believe that you cannot trust fact, because fact was discovered by man.

William Branham himself is responsible for this strategy, and we cannot say that Voice of God Recordings was clever enough to have employed it. They are simply continuing the strategy that Branham used.

Branham was absolutely thrilled with science. Throughout his recorded ministry, he often mentioned scientific studies, surveys and analysis of scientific facts, scientific theory presented by leading scientists in the nation, and more. But while he enjoyed it, he convinced his followers that science was "of the devil," and that they should not enjoy it as much as he apparently did. But worse than that, he programmed his followers to believe that scientists "invent" scientific fact, and that because a "human invented it," it cannot be trusted. The same argument is made in this article of the publication. But they take it one step further, claiming that internet studies cannot be trusted, because they are created by humans.

Ironically, they also promote the idea that the cult followers should only "say what the tapes say," because the voice of William Branham is a "voice of God to you." So when you read the voice of William Branham speaking things that are not true, which strategy should the devout cut follower pursue? Are they to believe that the websites that directly quote William Branham are in error because they are human? What about Branham's words, which Voice of God Recordings claim are the voice of Almighty God? This cannot be reconciled.

But it is critical that cult followers become convinced that facts are in error. Otherwise, they realize there is no other alternative: William Branham was deceiving the masses by lying, and facts expose him as a false prophet.

It amazes me when I watch a new person make their exodus out of the cult and into Christianity. When they suddenly discover the joys of reading and enjoying scientific studies in the same way William Branham apparently did, they have a newfound freedom. And then it suddenly hits them: True scientists aren't forcing their opinion upon people -- they are presenting a scientific theory. And this theory is either proven true or proven false through studying scientific fact. Theory can be moved; facts are immovable.

Voice of God Recordings understand this more than their followers understand. It is apparent through the strategy employed on the first page of the newsletter. To summarize, these are the main points of the first page, preparing the reader to read through the rest of the newsletter with the boundaries that they have clearly defined:

1) That the Bible has error
2) That those who question Branham can be compared to atheists
3) That facts cannot be trusted
4) That research about William Branham cannot be trusted
5) That it is OK to lie, and all versions of a story must be accepted
6) That you cannot question a prophet, regardless of whether or not the Bible instructs us to
7) That those who question are not using "spiritual eyes"

And most importantly, that you must believe William Branham BECAUSE HE SAID SO!

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