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William Branham's Disneyworld Supercar

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William Branham's Disneyworld Supercar:

BelieveTheSign posted a video, one that was strangely similar to Branham's later alterations to his alleged "egg car prophecy." In later retellings of this prophecy, there are new details added to claim predictions of self-guidance. It is this prophecy that ministers reference each time the Google Car or other self-guided cars make the news.

Many of you are aware of the numerous issues with this prophecy. How that Branham attended a 1933 World's Fair, one that included the futuristic world that Norman Bel Geddes predicted in his 1932 book, "Horizons"

Or how that those who entered the 1933 World's Fair were transported by the egg-shaped "Dynamaxion," which failed miserably due to its top-heavy egg shape:

Many of you have seen the Central Power and Light Company's advertisement of the driverless car made after Bel Geddes' design, and have noticed that Branham's addition of details to these prophecies appear to change with the technological advances of the times. At the time this became public knowledge, Voice of God Recordings also published a few similar advertisements of the time, trying to distract cult followers from the specific details Branham gave that matched the article.,2616834&hl=en

But, as BelieveTheSign points out, there is not so clear of an example of William Branham's forming "prophecy" from the technology of the day than this of Walt Disney's "Magic Highway." It is not until three years after Disney's video is produced that William Branham adds the description of the family playing checkers to his prophecy -- the prophecy that was originally nothing more than a change in shape.

To date, this technology is experimental, and the days of a family playing checkers is long past. If the vision were truly peering into the future, at the day when this technology (might be) mass-produced, one can only assume that Almighty God knew there would also be portable video game devices, DVD players, Netflix streaming, and other entertainment. Quite frankly, if I had to sit and play checkers, I'd rather play with a real steering wheel!

But nevertheless, it's a small world, after all! Maybe Gene, Leo, and Branham discussed this on their camping trip!

For those of you who have not seen the video of the three of them camping, it can be found here: