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Joseph Branham And Honesty

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Joseph Branham And Honesty:

Is Voice of God Recordings being honest with you? Some of you asking about the worship of William Branham and his sons, confused because the statements of denial by VOGR to your countries through translators conflict with what you read in the discussion groups. And why wouldn't you be confused? What purpose would they have in being dishonest?

Those who live in Jeffersonville can tell you a much different story, especially among the men and women who were with William Branham when he was alive. Many of them pray in his name or his son's name. Many of them do not visit the Branham Tabernacle, because "Jesus Christ has already came and gone."

I ran into one such person after starting Seek The Truth. He was aware of the website and the many issues, and I found it strange that he treated me with respect. While most (not all) in the cult that I come in contact with around the Jeffersonville area turn their noses up or quickly leave the stores and restaurants I'm in when they notice me, this person was kind and courteous. And then he told me why:

"Jesus Christ has come to earth and gone, in the form of William Branham. I was in Louisiana when I watched what he did in the meeting, and he was nothing short of almighty God."

He went on to say that it did not matter what one did any more (referring to sinful deeds and specifically my website). He said that he told his daughters that they could grow up to be prostitutes if they wished -- it did not matter. He said that he warned them that they would regret it, have a very rough life filled with disappointment, but it did not matter. Jesus Christ had come and gone.

Those visiting the Tabernacle from abroad do not often come in contact with these individuals. And they are not usually visiting long enough to notice the division in the Tabernacle -- "Joseph's people" versus "William Branham's people" versus "the ones who fall into neither camp." But spend some time in Jeffersonville, get to know the people, and suddenly you will find yourself in "Branham Mecca" -- the holy grail of Branham worship. And the town is filled with Branham worshippers, only a handful of which ever darken the door of the tabernacle.

So we ask again: Is Voice of God Recordings being honest with you?