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Helping Others

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Helping Others:

There are many in the following of William Branham that despise and reject the fallen. Like Pharisees in the time of Christ, their minds are so focused upon the Law and trying to keep it that they overlook Grace and helping people into it. Pastors often seem like they are working very hard to save the saved and scorn the fallen.

But at the same time, because of the cultish mindset, feel that no good can come outside of the cult. Any good act by another human who does not follow Branham being is scorned, because "they aren't believers." Instead of praise for the wonderful work they do, they receive scorn and titles like "serpent's seed" or "cannon fodder."

It's amazing now, after having left the cult, when I watch videos such as this. I'm amazed at how much impact a single person can make in the lives of so many when they aren't so programmed to look only within the invisible walls of a cult structure.