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To Hell With William Branham

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To Hell With William Branham:

One of the most shocking things to Branham cult member and non-cult member alike are the number of people that proudly declare their desire to follow William Branham, even if means to follow him to hell. When a cult member becomes aware of the countless issues with Branham's ministry, they become curious as to what others are saying about these issues. And before long, they come on contact with the fruits of this ministry: Branham's people.

Normal (not programmed) Christians understand the danger in following mortal human beings, and many are aware of the Apostle Paul's rebuke for doing so:

"When one says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not mere human beings? What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe—as the Lord has assigned to each his task. planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.
- 1 Corinthians 3

But William Branham claimed to have a vision that is in direct conflict with this passage of scripture. In this vision, he claimed that he saw a strange version of pergutory -- a place where the dead spirits dwell in their new bodies before ascending to Christ. And the groups of people were segregated according to the leader they followed, "Paul's people" with the apostle Paul, and "Branham's people" with William Branham.

So to the programmed cult follower, this vision is given greater respect than Paul's rebuke for following mortal men. Deeply programmed to follow a human leader instead of Christ, they often ask, "If Branham is false, who do YOU say we should follow?"

Many cult followers are unaware of the statement, but William Branham did give similar warning -- but with one slight difference than that of the Apostle Paul: he claimed that his followers would follow him directly to hell:

"I've got to leave here. You've got to leave here. And if I go as a false prophet, I'll lose my own soul and lose yours with me."
- Branham, 59-1219 - Questions And Answers On The Holy Ghost

The problem is that his following -- especially those in developing nations from largely pagan background -- agree and will gladly go. Over the past few years, we have collected many of these statements, as an example of the fruits of William Branham's ministry. To those who have not yet stumbled onto these fruits, we have decided to give you a sample of some of the collection. These are responses given to those who have left the following of William Branham to instead follow Christ:


"____, why dont you Go to heaven with ua critics en leave us go to hel with our dear false prophet as u claim.en let as wait not more than 50YRS From today en c whether the oposite wil b true."


"Am ready to die holding to william branham s message. Whether it takes me to hell its a choice i made. thats ok with me. No one will shake me on this. I wisnh you. i need to read a spoken word message now than reading yo trash guys"

"Many - many tekel ufarasin... Im ready to go to hell with him .all the best on your wide gate!!"

"if wat braham preached will lead me to hell, then so be it. Mind u james dont criticize a true servant of God because he was a forerunner of Christ's second coming"

"thanks so much. The type of hell Bro Branham went, I want to go there too. He has follow Christ to that hell, and I want to go too. So, David, x10 of you can't convinced me out of that way.

"God,I respect prophet WMB and 101% believe the message you sent to me for this day through him.where you lead me i will follow and even if i go to hell I will do so happily,worship you there and never stop loving you.let our friends who disagree with your message know that we love them too,those who are sweat to us and those who are not and forgive us all of all our sins.what i don't understand in the message I believe it and I know I will understand it by and by.Gracious God.Amen"

"i knw nw that u r more spiritual than WILLIAM BRANHAM.U say that man is evil and i agree.u hav more proofs to prove that but am ready to go to hell with him.that evil man has taught me many things which i didnt knw.water baptism is amongst them .am happy and comfortable to be associated with him.we were under denominations but nobody taught us about true proud to be associated with him.the evil man has showd me the righteos Jesus proud to be under his message.more things has been revealed thru this evil man which i knw without him i cuddnt hav known them.i dont worship him but am happy with his i wanted u guys who r spiritual to remove me from this group.May God bless uu"

"Wat truth do u kw..,if he drags me to hell i will be glad to go with him rather than go with u..."

"I Believe every word of the prophet and even if it means going to hell believing it than so be it!That's how sure I am we are following the correct prophet."

"If Brother Branham will go to hell, then i want to be right behind him, i believe with all my heart that he was God sent, nothing can change what i feel about what we believe in.

"Even if jesus Christ cast me in2 hell...i'll still believe his prophet"

"HE WHO IS GOOD LET HIM CONTINUE.... EVEN IF TH MSG BROUGHT BY WMBRANHAM TO THE GENTILES WIL TAKE ME TO HELL, THEN LET ME GO THERE. am one of them ad the life boat soon is comming... the demon wch blinded pple eyes not to see the signs of time is inwork today so saints beware."

"I Would Rather Lose My Soul Following Branham's Message Than Go To Heaven Following Another."

"I don't mind going to hell because I believe him... because y? I know wu I am, nd I knw what am raised up for!!!.... let's see wu will go to hell believing a false prophet!!!.... ure jst being blinded by ur own so called man!!!.... Lord will have mercy upon u both souls!!!!."

"U aren't so hold onto ur faith n let us believe n trend our path to hell."


"leave my prophet alone! even if i'll go to hell i'll go believing his massage to the laodicean church is upon you to believe his message or perish!your insults can't shake me even."

"why do u care?I m read to go to hell for what u allege as false.I don't need yo help bros,go to heaaven wth yo true while I burn in hell for believing in WMB"

"I am ready for hell if that is were it lead me ,provided branham is there , than your heaven without my prophet."

"leave us we wl go to hell"

"enough d msg he gave us,in it we found love,joy,peace,happiness dat non odar outside d msg have,if d msg take me to hell which it cannot,am still gona be loving and thanking Bro braham..."

"I cannot deny the message. if its false,lemmy go to hell with it than following u!"

"By the way, I personally say, and this I say personal: I'd rather go to hell believing than to find myself in hwll for not believing"


Branham's statement concerning the vision: