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Examining the Trunk By Its Branches:

A reader sent in this email, and wanted to share his experience:

In 2011 when I was in Kinshasa , Democratic Republic of Congo before I move to the US, while reading the 61-10-15 the Questions and answers. I fell on this question:

"Brother Branham, is there anything wrong with belonging to a lodge after we have become a Christian, such as the Masons? No, sir. You be a Christian wherever you are. I don't care where you are, you can still be a Christian."
61-1015M - Questions And Answers

So I was preoccupied about it. Then during a pastors meeting I rose that question. I was shocked about the answer. They said that The free mason was not an occult lodge while Brother Branham was alive. It became an occult science after his death.
This how they defend Branham's quotes on the masons in Africa. There are some message pastors who joined the masons and practicing occult sciences saying that question asked to Branham allows them to join.

I still doubt it and strongly believe that the free mason is occult since its founding


This is a question sent in to us by multiple people over the past few years, especially after we publish any discussion on the pentagram that William Branham hung on the door of his original Tabernacle. Now that more information has surfaced about the inner workings of Freemasonry, more and more people question whether or not Christianity and Masonry can mix.

The answer to this question is not a simple as one might think. Like the cult following of William Branham, each Masonic lodge has a slightly different viewpoint. And each Mason has a slightly different view of salvation. Like Branham's followers, some think they are saved through the lodge, and others do not.

The only true way to answer this question is to look at the fruits of Freemasonry. Scientology and other cults appear to have been produced by this belief structure, and Christian apologetics link their formation to the ideologies of Freemasonry. So the question by the man or woman who sent the email is legitimate: Can a prophet of God claim that Christianity and Freemasonry can mix?