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Voice Of God Recordings Hides Blank Spots

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Voice Of God Recordings Hides Blank Spots:

For those of you asking about the sudden disappearance of the thousands of blank spots on tape in "The Table," Voice of God Recordings' online search utility at, it is easier to post a response than answer individually.

Voice of God Recordings did not actually remove them from the online search utility's transcripts of the sermons. If you read any of the sermons, especially during a "prayer line," you'll notice that they are still there and some of them are still placed in very convenient locations. But it appears that they did, indeed, attempt to hide them.

The problem is not with the content of the sermons, but rather, with the search utility itself. It appears that they have removed the ability to search "blank spot" and pull up the thousands of results. And in comparison to the older (installed version) of the Table, many of them have been renamed. Instead of "[Blank spot on tape -- Ed]", they have introduced new labels to describe the missing portions of tape. (Some of which are valid, such as "End of Tape - Ed")

But you will notice that "[End of tape -- Ed]" Is a properly formatted phrase, having words with spaces in-between. At the same time, "[ -- Ed]" is not properly formatted -- there are periods in-between the words and not spaces. The new search utility is programmed to ignore results with this type of formatting. In other words, the new search utility is programmed to ignore the blank spots in tape.

For instance, if you search "Blank spot" in the new search utility on, you will return one single solitary result: a paragraph from sermon index 61-0413 "WHY".

And that is our question! "Why?"

But there is no need for alarm. This "glitch" can be circumvented by searching for this phrase: "". It will not return the full set of results, but you will still see enough to get the general idea.

What we do not know is which IMPORTANT ones are missing from this query. Some of the blank spots are directly in the most important part of a "prophecy," some in clairvoyance session (discernment), and others in some of those "mystery revelations." Some are even legitimate, places where two tapes were spliced -- though these make up a very small percentage.

For an example of a digital cut of a blank spot:

For an example of an UNREAL number of blanks spots during a "prayer line":