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William Branham's Filthy Mouth

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William Branham's Filthy Mouth:

Christians who encounter the cult followers of William Branham are often surprised at some of the things they hear on the recorded sermons that are given to them as "witness material." Though they are usually given a light-hearted sermon with very little "deep mysteries," normal (not programmed) Christians do not expect some of the rude, crude, and socially unacceptable statements from a minister claiming to be preaching the Gospel.

Wouldn't it be funny if instead, new converts were given the sermon "Marriage and Divorce?" Picture the scene: the unsuspecting family gathers around the tape player, father in his recliner and mother on the couch with her children. And they all start listening, expecting to hear an uplifting, Gospel-centered sermon?

Suddenly, they hear William Branham talking about how women get "walleyed" when they have sex! And how large their "sensations" are! And then he tells the men that he has a bunch of printed material of the sexual nature, in his hand, and he will be passing it out to them!

A normal (not programmed) Christian family would scramble to cover their children's ears while quickly stopping the tape. And likely rip the magnetic tape from the casing, tearing it so that nobody else would stumble upon the filth!

But this is not the case with the brainwashed following of William Branham. Fathers and mothers line their children up to sit in the pews for the lengthy sermon, slowly lulling themselves to a state of mind that receives without fully paying much attention. In fact, if you were to question a test group of cult followers, most would strongly disagree that William Branham made any such statement.

Now imagine that same exact scenario. And instead of handing them the full and complete heretical sermon, you only hand them that one single paragraph. How would they respond? Would they agree with Voice of God Recordings, that every single word spoken on tape is "divinely inspired?" Would they call it the "Second book of Elijah" as many in the cult now call the series of recordings?

Or would they simply ask you why you were handing them pornographic material in the disguise of a Christian minister's sermon?

Each time we post reference to these indecent statements by William Branham, we receive an onslaught of hate mail from the cult cult followers. It is amusing when we read some of them, telling us how shameful and offensive we are for posting the quote from the sermon -- almost as if it were coming from our mouths instead of his. But remember, this is a direct quote from a sermon that children around the world are forced to listen to INSIDE cult churches! And they are Branham's words, not ours!

The question to ask a programmed cult follower is this: If Branham was truly preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which all children should be hearing, then would we not be praised instead of shamed for quoting him? If he did not have a filthy mouth from behind the pulpit of a Christian church, then would not spreading his "message" be blameless before God and man?