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Why Didn't Anyone Correct William Branham

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Why Didn't Anyone Correct William Branham:

We are often asked by the cult followers of William Branham, "If all of these problems with his ministry exist, why did not anybody correct him?"

This type of question is a result of the thick level of programming and indoctrination administered by the cult pastors in the religious following of William Branham. If this evangelist travelled the world, performing miracles and teaching the Bible from city to city and town to town, reaching the millions of people that he boasted, the proof is in the results. If these millions of people agreed with him, there would no longer be other denominations. The fact that the cult calls themselves the "little bride" speaks for itself.

Others, aware that many did not agree with his ascetic and mysterious doctrines, respond with what William Branham called "discernment" -- what normal (not programmed) Christians would call "clairvoyance." William Branham passed out "prayer cards" in sermons, asked the sick and afflicted to write their names, addresses, and diseases on the cards, and he would guess them as they approached the platform -- similar to the tactics of Jim Jones and others. Some researchers believe that Branham trained Jones to use the same strategy when Branham helped kick-start Jones' ministry in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Cult pastors have programmed their followers to believe that Branham's clairvoyance was more than 100% accurate. In fact, they repeatedly tell their followers, "It has never failed, not one single time."

When we are contacted by those awakening in these cult churches, we often ask them: "How accurate would YOU be if you had someone cutting out 'errors in discernment' from the tapes?" Then we direct them to to examine just how many "Blank.Spot.In.Tape-Ed" are in the recordings, and to notice how many are in the prayer lines versus how many are during the sermons. After this simple exercise, they return completely shocked that they've never noticed this before.

To confirm that Branham indeed made many errors in his clairvoyance, we then give them an example and a testimony. The testimony that best suits the ministry is the example Branham himself used all throughout his recorded ministry: the healing campaigns in Canada. Branham often bragged how "thousands upon thousands" were healed. Yet, the ministers involved with this campaign tell a much different story. According to Alfred Pohl, the aftermath to the mess Branham created was a complete disaster -- people coming to him to ask why their family members were dying of the diseases that Branham had foretold their healing through his "crystal ball" (or angel on the platform, if you are still a cult member).

Pohl's testimony can be found here:

And an example of a woman correcting William Branham during one of his clairvoyance sessions can be found here: