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Because He Said So

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Because He Said So:

Over the past several months, several people have contacted us to tell us their story of their experiences in leaving the Branham cult. Many refer to a publication entitled "Because He Said So," a newsletter published in an attempt to distract cult followers from the issues in William Branham's ministry by claiming that there are "contradictions" in the Bible. This single publication has been one of the most powerful forces pushing cult members to make their decision to flee to a Christian church. If the cult headquarters is willing to throw their bibles under the bus to uplift the lies of a false prophet, the movement cannot be of God.

Recently, a young man made his exodus from the cult. He wants to share with us a major milestone in his journey of escape. Aware of the questions, he contacted Voice of God Recordings for answers. Curious as to why VOGR would remain silent on the hundreds of fundamental issues, he expected a strong defense of the ministry.

Rather than answers, however, the response was "Because He Said So." Referring to the publication (which now appears to have been removed from, the public relations contact claimed that the questions were fully addressed. As we all know, they were not, and the publication seems to have done more damage to their public relations than they ever thought possible.


Hi my name is _______, I am writing to complain. 20 years ago I believed the message but as years go by I am finding inconsistencies. I am shocked and disappointed to see that various website like Seek The Truth and and so many more are showing to the world the mistakes of Brother Branham. Instead of giving your version and clarification, Voice of God Recordings is remaining silent.

Many major concerns is this: You all agree with me that A THUS SAITH THE LORD means that God has spoken. And we all know that God never lie and never make mistake. Here is my question When Brothe Branham pronounced Judgement on Los Angeles, He said that Caparnaum was under the sea....but we have proof that caparnaum is not under the sea. So was brother branham lying to us that he was speaking a thus said the Lord? So it can't be a thus said the lord because God can't lie and make mistake...
If you can make a page where you clarify all the truth that and have published. Remaining silent will make us all think that and are right . And for your information people are living the message one by one because of that. And Billy Paul who is a member of the board of director at Voice of God acknowledge that he was told by Bro. Branham he will not be an old man that Los Angeles will go under the sea. He's now 80 and which means that that prophecy failed....and instead of enlightening God's guys are remaining silent to facts like that. Question yourself about it and tell people the truth if there is something that you are hiding us.
I am waiting for your answer...I may be reached at ***-***-****

God bless you


Dear Brother,

Please don’t fall into their trap. They are pointing things out to you with so-called “proof.” You will find the same attacks on the Bible all over the internet. It’s the same spirit. Google “Bible inconstancies” and you will see that they attack the Bible in the same way they attack the Message. Once they have discredited the prophet, then they will tell you how the Bible is translated wrong. The ultimate destination is complete unbelief.

Our question for you is, why are you believing them? Has the Lord vindicated their ministry? Has He shown wonders in their ministry like He did the Lord Jesus, apostles, and Brother Branham? If you are looking for evidence, then here it is: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb 11:1) Everything comes back to faith. We should NEVER try to prove God’s Word through carnal evidences. It will never work, and it destroys our faith.

We have addressed their attacks in a publication titled, “Because He Said So.” We can send you that publication if you would like. If Judas had a website, it would look just like the ones you are frequenting. We choose to move as the Lord directs and to not be distracted by the attacks of a handful of scoffers and internet hecklers. Why would we point out their lies, rather than pointing people to the Truth? All they do is try to cast doubt. The more you read their lies, the more of a chance they have to entice you into their depths. These things were prophesied to come (I Peter 3).