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William Branham's Prophecy Humble Pie

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William Branham's Prophecy Humble Pie:

Most in the cult of William Branham are unaware that Branham himself admitted failed prophecy. As one would expect, this prophecy isn't included in any "witness material," and new converts are never told that the elders are aware of prophecies that did not come to pass. In fact, most ministers in the cult proudly boast that each and every prophecy that Branham proclaimed was fulfilled beyond question.

Of course, now that many are fleeing this religious cult, many are confronting these pastors with the many questions that do exist. Those who question are either scorned or ex-communicated, shepherds willing to kill that "one lost sheep" rather than lead it back onto the safety of the fold. Why? Because they realize that there are no answers to the questions. They realize that if the entire congregation asks the questions, he must address the group from behind the pulpit. And then, they'd need to offer "humble pie" for what they have boasted for decades.

But Branham never fully offered "humble pie" for his own prophecy. Rather than admit that he had predicted incorrectly with the "India Prophecy," he claimed that he did not travel according to God's plan. Like Jonah, who also did not travel according to God's request, Branham did not go to India first.

... only with one CRITICAL difference. Jonah's God could not fail. Branham's "god" did.

Many of those who have asked their pastors about this failed prophecy have now left the cult, more than unsatisfied with the response. They are either ridiculed for asking the question, or scorned for not believing that God could, indeed, fail because of William Branham.

I'm so thankful that we left this cult to serve a God who does not fail, one who does not use a mortal human as a crutch.