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William Branham Is Not False

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William Branham Is Not False:

From time to time, we receive messages from cult followers, claiming that we believe William Branham himself is "false." Another came in today, a misled cult member claiming that we think "ONLY William Branham is false."

This is simply not true. We have never made this claim, and in fact often say differently. Nor do we think "Branham is false"

Branham is just a man. Can I say YOU are false? Can you say I am false? We are humans, placed here by God with the sole purpose of giving God glory.

We often point out the many things Branham said that were false. They were words, and are not the man himself. If you told me that you were Jesus Christ, we would respond that your words are false--not that you, yourself were false. We might respond that you were mentally ill, and recommend a good psychiatrist.

Branham not only claimed to be the return of Jesus Christ in a 1965 sermon (65-1127B P212), he claimed that God spoke many things which have now been proven to be false. Those words, not the man, are false.

Many of us either knew, or had parents and grandparents who knew this man. My own parents were best friends with Branham's children, and my grandfather was very close to William Branham himself. So close, in fact, that according to him, William Branham promised that he would one day oversee his Tabernacle, long before he died. And he now does. They loved this man.

But many of these mothers and fathers, grandparents, and more, are aware that his words -- words that he claimed to be God's words -- are false. Yet, they live blissfully content to love the man and "spit the seed out" as Branham taught them to do for the words that are in question.

Were Branham a minister, claiming to be giving us words of a man, this can be scriptural -- they would let iron sharpen iron with words of correction to their children and shepherds to their flocks. The elders would have even corrected Branham himself. But he claimed that his words were the words from Almighty God -- Thus Saith The Lord. And these "words from God" often failed or came from words from magazines, newspapers, and even television. Some came from a 1933 World's Fair.

Branham is not false. Branham's "message" has proven itself to be false. We do not even need to try to persuade any of this fact. All we need do is simply point others towards Branham's recorded statements and recorded factual history. Many say that "we are false," or that "we are lying." Without realizing what they are doing, these cult followers are in turn claiming that Branham himself was lying -- each and every example we give is a comparison of Branham's own words with that of Bible or history. Sometimes Branham's own words that disagreed with each other -- even though he claimed them to be divinely inspired.

Branham made many prophecies that have failed. Some of them, such as the India prophecy, he admitted to have failed. This makes Branham a "false prophet," yet the man himself is not false; It is very evident that he was, in fact, a man and was, in fact, not a figment of our imaginations. In many ways, I wish that he were -- we would not have experienced a doomsday cult that divides families and separates them from other Christians.

When we do point these things out, and when those fleeing this harmful doomsday cult awaken enough to see it, then they realize that there is only One God. He gave us His Word, and told us that in these last days, He has spoken to us through His Son. And that Son is not William Branham, even though Branham convinced a multitude otherwise.

Seek the Truth. Read your Bible for itself. In it, you can find life. In Branham's cult, there is no life, only worship of a false prophet.