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A Matter of Facts

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A Matter of Facts:

Many in the Message, when presented with the facts about William Branham’s unscriptural teachings, false prophesies, failed healings, and fantasy “life story” will balk at the claims.

The truth is simple matter of separating fact from fiction.

“Surely, if what he was teaching were wrong, one of the many knowledgeable ministers would have corrected him! Surely, Pastor Joe would know if he was teaching contrary to scripture!”

--Most “ministers” DID disagree with him, and most STILL DO. In the United States alone, over 220,000,000 (that’s 220 MILLION) people, or 70% of the population identify as Christian. Of those, 25% (55 MILLION) are Evangelical, 15% (33 MILLION) are Mainline Protestant, 20% (44 MILLION) are Catholic.

The idea that, “if it were wrong, the knowledgeable ministers would know” is preposterous. There are many God-fearing Christians in the US seeking the Truth of God’s Word and coming to very different conclusions than those William Branham had.

Many DID disagree with Branham during his lifetime, including some of those closest to him. Campaign managers left him, former sponsors stopped inviting him, and entire cities barred their doors. WMB attributed this to corrupt and weak teaching in denominations—but the facts remain, people during his lifetime DID stand against what he was saying. The vast majority of Christian ministers did. The handful of groups that did sponsor him represent a significant minority of the Christian landscape. William Branham and the ‘faith healing’ revivalists of the 40’s and 50’s were never a majority movement, and many through their disassociation made clear their opposition to what he was teaching and claiming.

Regardless of the conclusions of those alive during his lifetime, facts are facts, and fiction is fiction. There is no time limit on Truth.

Regardless of what Pastor Joe thinks, regardless of his IQ or years committed to the message, and regardless of his profound revelation or first-hand experience, none of that changes the facts.

False teachings. False prophesies.

False prophet.