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Let's Talk Numbers

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Let's Talk Numbers:

“Surely, if it weren’t true there wouldn’t be SO MANY Message believers!?”

Let’s look at a couple of statistics to put the following of William Branham and the number of Message believers into perspective.

Voice of God Recordings estimates that they provide materials to about 2 million people worldwide, half of these in Africa. We know some of these people receiving materials aren't followers of WMB, and some followers don't receive materials from Voice of God--so we'll go ahead and assume this number is accurate. This seems like a lot of people, but let’s take a look at some statistics to put this “large following” into perspective.

Worldwide, there are approximately 2.2 BILLION Christians, 1.6 BILLION Muslims, 1 BILLION Hindus, 500 MILLION Buddhists, 400 MILLION Folk Religionists, and 14 MILLION Jews.

And estimated 1.1 BILLION people have NO religious affiliation whatsoever.

If the Message were evenly distributed in countries worldwide (as opposed to concentrated in North America and Africa) there would only be an estimated 91,000 message believers in the US—less than a ¼ the number of elected government officials!

If these people were evenly distributed in the US, there would be 12 message believers in Jeffersonville! Were the global population of Hindus to be evenly distributed as well, there would be over 6500 Hindus in Jeffersonville!

Statistically, 1 in 3500 people follow the message (assuming Voice of God’s estimated 2 million is accurate). There is a higher probability of getting struck by lightning in your lifetime (1 in 3000) than believing the message!

Clearly, the following is minuscule, representing about .0003% of the world’s population. There are not “a lot” of followers—there are small concentrations of message believers representing a statistically irrelevant religious ultra-minority.

If you’re clinging on because, “so many people cannot possibly be wrong” consider the facts—there is not a “large following”. It is, as it always has been, a tiny movement.