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Dedicated In 1933. Or 1934. Or 1935. Or 1936

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Dedicated In 1933. Or 1934. Or 1935. Or 1936:

Many from around the world make their pilgrimage to Mecca (or the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, as some call it), to visit the Tabernacle they believe Branham dedicated in 1933. The Tabernacle they believe Branham built after having a series of six (or seven or eight) prophecies they also believe in 1933. Prophecies that Branham buried in the cornerstone (or buried in his desk drawer, or buried in his Bible).

Very few are aware that the deed to the tabernacle is dated November of 1936. Fewer are aware that the cornerstone was replaced, empty when it was removed. Fewer still are aware that he preached from tents until the tabernacle was purchased, before the 1937 flood, as a Pentecostal minister. Or that his wife-to-be was active in a Pentecostal church, contrary to his life stories.

Most cult followers refuse to look, because each of these facts invalidate both the message and the messenger. And only a handful have asked the cult headquarters to see the prophecies allegedly in the desk drawer or bible -- those that do typically make their exodus from the cult and into Christianity.