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The Pentagram Tabernacle Embarrassment

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The Pentagram Tabernacle Embarrassment:

There are questions concerning the photograph we used in the video posted yesterday to our Facebook feed of the "Pentagram Tabernacle," the nickname we used for Branham's tabernacle back when he hung a satanic pentagram above the door instead of the symbolic eagle and sword. Rather than answer them individually, this post should sufficiently explain:

This photograph was taken from the Tucson Tabernacle website in early 2014, and we have since been referring any with questions to their website to confirm that we did not in any way alter the photograph. The original photograph, as advertised by the Tucson Tabernacle website at that time, contained a pentagram above the door. There is one single photograph they have not yet removed which has a (very blurred) pentagram, but the one with a clear satanic pentagram appears to have been removed after we published the video. Will the blurry one disappear after this post? :) You can view their image gallery here:

The photograph itself is not unique, and that cult website did not contain the only copy. In 2010, another message believer uploaded the photograph to an online image photo cloud, and the photograph can be found here:

It can also be found in part 1 of the photograph album, page 100 from this message cult website:

We apologize for the confusion; we were not aware that the picture was no longer hosted on the Tucson Tabernacle website, and are thankful that at least two additional online sources still exist. Check it out while you can, we don't expect them to continue hosting the image -- you'll notice that it isn't one that is proudly displayed elsewhere. Heaven forbid they sell the "Pentagram Tabernacle" with their expensive photo albums at the cult headquarters!

For those who missed the video, you can watch it here: