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Houston During Cloud, Back To Arizona, Later Add A Face

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Houston During Cloud, Back To Arizona, Later Add A Face:

We are receiving several questions concerning William Branham's timeline of events that surround the "great cloud of mystery." Those searching our website have given us feedback that some of the quotes are too difficult to find. Specifically, the quotes wherein Branham claims to be going back to Arizona after the Houston trip, which places him in Houston during the mystery cloud -- invalidating his testimony of standing directly underneath the cloud with a number of "witnesses." Some of these questions coming from those who have recently discovered George Smith's testimony admitting that Branham was simply not there.

We've listened.

The website is now updated, and you will see a section of quotes specifically organized with Branham's statements referring to the order of events. This can be found above the other quotes, in a section entitled "Branham's statements about going to Houston first"

Here is a sample quote:

"Brother Fred Sothmann, I know he's here. And I'm pretty sure Brother Norman is here. We was up... I had to go to Houston about getting that little boy saved from the electric chair. And then I went back and I went hunting up there with the brethren. And that morning, I was standing there picking cockleburs, or--or what they call goatheads there, burrs off of my trouser leg. And the blast did just exactly the way It said it. Is that right, Brother Fred? And I--I--I must have jumped way off of the ground. And just above me was the Angels of the Lord that sent Message back, for me to come here to break these Seals. Why here, why at the tabernacle? Why didn't I do it there? Because I had made a promise to my church and to God, that any new Message would come from this tabernacle, recorded from here. And He was helping me to keep my word, to stay back here to do it. And then immediately I went back again."
Branham, 63-0623M STANDING.IN.THE.GAP

Others are not aware that the pictures of the cloud containing a "face" (there are more than one) were never intended to be received as an authentic photograph. Instead, these were made as either examples that a face would "fit" into the ring, or as an example of what "the prophet must have envisioned." This is common knowledge in the States, especially in Tucson and Jeffersonville churches. But it would be difficult to listen to decades of recorded sermons by the pastors to find their statements on this subject, assuming they are still available. Unfortunately, cult pastors do not transcribe their sermons like Branham's sermons have been. And some cult pastors are actually pulling their sermons off of the internet, fearful that people might actually study what they are saying. Now, ironically, the most damaging thing to this cult are the words spoken by "the prophet"...

Since we do not have the sermons transcribed, we can instead refer to the statements made by "Midnight Cry" in 2010, revised and republished in 2015:

"It is also known that Brother Green had Shirley Abbot Studio produce a brownish/white duotone copy of the Life Magazine photograph. This is no longer in circulation but is reported to have displayed slightly more pronounced facial features than the black and white reproductions. A second black and white glossy reproduction of the Life Magazine cloud photograph was made available by Brother Green during the early 1970’s.
This reproduction was of poor resolution and in addition, the cloud profile was excessively prominent but it too presented suggestions of facial features caused by areas of unexpectedly dark shading that extended across most of the image, (i.e., well beyond the width of the ‘forehead’), strongly suggesting that the shading had also had been caused by problems with the reproduction processes and likely human enhancement.
Similarly, Brother David Mamalis, Pastor of the "Phoenix Christian Fellowship" in Phoenix Arizona had a professional black and white copy made of the Life Magazine photograph and it too displayed pseudo facial characteristics but is no longer in circulation."

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