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An Example of William Branham's Blatant Lies

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An Example of William Branham's Blatant Lies:

We are often met with harsh objections when we refer to Branham's "lies," or when we refer to some of his stories as "fiction. " Ironically, a great deal of these objections come from overseas, where only a handful of the 1100+ sermons have been translated during the course of the last few decades and millions of dollars of donations collected for "spreading the message." Those raising objections realize the implications of his not being truthful when they refer to scriptures such as "all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death." (Rev 21:8)

As many of you are aware, cult websites are starting to popup here and there defending Branham's ministry, such as "themessage" or "theendtimemessage" (Add ".com" behind these, even Facebook flags them as 'not safe') Even a newsletter was published by Voice of God Recordings (one they apparently have now removed). Those of you who have fully studied each issue realize that these websites and publications employ two deceptive tactics as a defense: they claim that Branham's ministry can have discrepancies because (they claim) the Bible has discrepancies, or they offer only a small subset of the issues giving only partial facts that appear "mysterious" - leading the reader to believe there are no concrete facts to support opposing views. These sites work very well to corral those who are not aware of the issues, but as you are aware, offer absolutely no defense to those who are fully informed.

There are also those who mistakenly think that William Branham was not challenged on these things when he was alive -- only because Branham himself claimed that he was not. Ern Baxter, named partner in the "Baxter-Branham Campaigns," says it best:

" I urged him not to say some things in public. As long as we worked together he refrained. One of the reasons for my leaving him was that he was starting to say some seriously wrong things. " - Baxter, New Wine Magazine Interview, December 1978

Those who are unaware that Branham was untruthful on several occasions need a clear example, one that does not rely on external facts collected through historical documents or witness testimony. There are many, many statements made by William Branham we could use for an example. But the one that strikes home for many people is the lies told about the death of his father. When combined with his stories of a "spiritual childhood," these fictional statements unravel the mythology that Branham himself created.

Many are familiar with Branham's stories about the death of his father when he was a child. How he was a hunter, trapper, fisherman to feed his widowed mother in a Kentucky log cabin where she opened their eyes with "coon grease."

I said, "When I was a boy, my father died. I had ten children to take care of, and I had to work and support my mother and the children. Then since the Lord has sent me out, why, I have-haven't had a chance."
Branham, 53-1129

Some time ago, there was a-a fellow at Fort Wayne, Indiana, said to me, he said, "Brother Branham..." And he was behind the stage at the Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle. He said, "It's a shame, your grammar." I said, "I know it's awful." I said, "I didn't get an education, there's ten of us children. And dad died, and I had to take care of the other nine."
Branham, 59-0414

Interestingly, many of those same people also believe Branham's OTHER version of the story, the one where his father died in his arms as a young minister. The level of programming (or brainwashing as some prefer to call it) is such that the cult mind will believe both conflicting stories, at the same time, though they are mutually exclusive:

"As I told you a few Sundays ago; when I stood by my dying baby, and Satan standing there and said, "There is your daddy, died in your arms the other night. There is your wife laying down there in a-in the morgue, and here is your baby going. And you asked Him to answer you, and He pulled your... He pulled a shade down over you. Now, and yet He's a good God, and yet you said He was a Healer. And you, who are standing for what you said was right, you're wrong." Oh, every reason, every mental faculty had to agree that it was right; and he was right, that much.
Branham, 65-0829

Those deeply programmed believe both of Branham's versions of his father's death, one by medicine and one by alcohol addiction:

"Brother, my daddy died drinking. Don't do this. I could not give you money to drink, 'cause I'm a minister." And the tears coming down his cheeks, asking You to bless him.
Branham, 59-1122

First thing, I lost my daddy. I run over to the house to see him, picked him up in my arms like that, he looked up at me like that, he smiled. A doctor had give him a dose of medicine that killed him. One overdose of strychnine for his heart, and it killed him. 'Course, there's nothing said about that. The undertaker covers up the doctor's mistakes many times. Nothing I got against doctors, but I say there's nothing said about that.
Branham, 50-0200

To the person who has never been in a doomsday cult, all of this will seem comical. That someone could believe that a man died from two different causes on two different dates is unbelievable -- but remember, "all things are possible to them that believe!" (notice, in this case, it is not "them that believe in truth.")

But to the programmed cult mind, this will seem foolish by this author. They are programmed to believe all versions of all stories told by one man. And they cannot see the difference in these stories. In response to this very example, we have received statements such as, "I don't understand it, brother, but I believe every word." or statements similar to Voice of God's (removed) newsletter, claiming that because different men writing different books have (what they call) discrepancies, William Branham is given a free pass to tell as much fiction as one mouth is capable -- and you still must "SAY WHAT THE TAPES SAY."

This only works so long.

There are a people who will stand for Truth. There are a people who will stand for the Bible. There are a people who are God's sheep -- not William Branham's sheep -- and they are sheep who will hear God's voice. They are sheep who will hear the One True God, not the Indiana hillbilly who pretended both to be a Kentucky hillbilly and the "voice of god."

To those people, those who stand for truth, we stand with you.

God bless.

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