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William Branham's Racial Slurs in the Sermons

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William Branham's Racial Slurs in the Sermons:

To those wondering where William Branham used racial slurs towards those with dark skin, we will only comment on those he made on recorded tape. Any private conversations are second-hand information and not worth examining.

Here are a couple of examples

An old darkie, not long ago down in the south before the proclamation was signed for the independence, or the freedom of the slaves, one night there was a little old place where he was playing the organ and having a glorious time in the service, where the darkies had met together to worship the Lord.
Branham, 55-0121 - The Water Of Separation

Africans are big burly, heavy fat-like people. Some of them are nearly seven-foot tall, and weigh, oh, two hundred and eighty, or three hundred pounds, burly
Branham, 53-0609A - Demonology, Religious Realm

There are several statements against Jews, which we can attribute to his influence by the Ku Klux Klan through Roy E. Davis. Here are some examples: